where in the world are chelsea and tate?

posted on: 10.20.2009

1. jackets (coats today) are required
2. out the window are bright colors of red, yellow and orange
3. we can drink out of the tap
4. we haven't seen any bugs
5. i had my first fountain diet coke today in over 2 months
6. i have a car and can see pumpkins out my window as i drive
7. i am actually wearing makeup and have blown my hair dry straight
Any guess's?
Yup, we are back home in beautiful Salt Lake!


  1. I can tell you miss the island already :-) Well, we miss you guys!

  2. we miss you! we saw Wyatt the other day and invited him to eat with us- so never fear! give Taters a squeeze :)xo

  3. woo hoo! welcome back! how long are you home for, woman!?

  4. hell ya girl!! so excited about this. now i feel like i have a friend again to hang out with when ty ditches me! yes!! couldn't be happier about this.

  5. London and I could not be more thrilled!!! (:

  6. And we couldn't be more thrilled!!!

  7. I've been dying to call you - but didn't know if you have your cell here or if it's back with Wyatt. Call me when you get a second. I'm dying to see you!


  8. I would LOVE to see you!! How long are you here?? We're going to the DoDo tonight to celebrate Holly's Baby. Whats your plan the rest of the week?

  9. And like the rest of the world... I am sooooo excited!! It kinda felt like Christmas waiting for you to get here! :) Can't wait to see you!

  10. I feel it is a MUST to come home in October and feel the fall weather...I am here TOO! :)

  11. Lucky, lucky, lucky Salt Lake - I am no where near. Promise to update again the next time you're there? (Sigh)

  12. Today I was out and about and Tom said is that Chelsea? And it was! So fun to see you guys! And my goodness did I look pale next to you two island babes!


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