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posted on: 10.06.2009

Yet again, another beach post. It's about all we do folks! This week was about checking out Mero Beach with some of the other spouses, and I really liked it. Call me a priss, but having a lawn chair to lay out on made all the difference!
The RSO (Ross Spouses Organization) is a fun group of girls that get together weekly to discover the island, play games, and discuss the woes and quirks of our new life:)
me and Liz Prince, my friend and Tate's nursery teacher
She's obviously getting over her "I hate being dirty" stage. All she wanted to do was rub the black sand all over herself. Pretty sure that darling Garnet Hill bikini is ruined:(
Lauren, Liz, Allison & Paige enjoying the luxury of the lawn chair (even at $7ec a pop, they were still worth it)!
Thanks for the fun day girls!


  1. how fun I'm glad you got to go- was it fab? should we go back? see you tomorrow hopefully :)

  2. I have heard that it is a nice beach and now I know! I'll have to plan a trip there for a Thursday Activity and get my kids out there to see a "different" beach.

  3. You must go through a bottle of sun block a week! Looks like a great beach. We are FREEZING here in SL!

  4. Well that looks fun! You all look like the hottest bunch of mom's around! I'm glad you have that group of women around... I'm sure it's a breath of fresh air to just have people around who understand.

    p.s. when you come into town for the holidays... I really need you to look over my house. I was yet again reminded by your post below just how much I love your style!

  5. What a fun day at the beach. I am so glad that all you wives (or med school widows) get together to commiserate. You need each other. And I'm glad to see that cute Tate has her belt and wings on to play in the sand. :)

    You guys look great!


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