Looking for Witches

posted on: 10.22.2009

12 hours after we landed in slc, we were already enjoying us some of the beautiful fall weather. Gardner Village in the fall is a must, and we were delighted to spend our first day back there with cousins!
playing with leaves
Cole, warding off ducks with his umbrella
Nora, Tate and Cole
(can't help but love how affectionate Nora was with Tate, arm around her in each picture, aww)
tate, hamming it up
all boy brothers, Davie and Will
Mother Tess and her hens:)
climbing trees
spying scary witches!


  1. Oh yay, so fun that you are home. I'm sure that your families are all so excited to have you here!!!

  2. Oh I cannot wait to see you guys. Is Tate feeling better? I love that Tate is sporting the headband. So funny....London always asks who I am making a headband for. So one day she asked again. I told her "Claire". She looked at me and said, "Mommy, when are you going to make one for me?" Oh so sad. I finally made her one. Too bad she had to ask for one ): What a bad mom!!

  3. Look how cute she looks in that sweater! And pants! Enjoy the fall for us, we miss you!

  4. honestly, those are some of the cutest pics i've seen of the cousins! i'm in love with them all. wish i could have been there. one of these days i need to have a child just so that i can come on fun outings like this!

  5. fun the pic of Tate hamming is ADORABLE!!!


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