The Farm

posted on: 10.29.2009

Getting together with cousins always makes for a fun night! My parents, Ryan, Amber & I took "the girls" to Wheeler Farm to pick a pumpkin, navigate the maze, and take a tractor ride.
(All pictures are by my dad... isn't he good?)
This was hysterical. Ella got this eye patch in one of her prizes and was so serious about wearing it. She wore it all night!
I love nights like this... perfect weather, happy kids, family dinner (if only Wyatt were here, it would be perfect).


  1. That picture of you and Tate is killing me. You look stunning and she's just as cute as ever. Your Dad really does take great pictures. I bet Wyatt is missing you guys . . . just like you miss him. :( (But, we're happy you're here!)

  2. Chels- I cannot stand how beautiful you look! And Tate... oh. my. goodness. I don't think she could get any cuter!!!
    I'm so happy you're here. If you have any time left, come by and say hi! We all miss you!

  3. long time follower, first time commenter- looks like a good time, nothing like last time though when San had to battle the goose to get Amber's bag back

  4. oops, I mean Shan. Sorry, rookie mistake.

  5. Too perfect, just lovely Chels. That man of yours cracks me up.

  6. Oh My Gosh!! How cute are Tate's red boots?!?!

  7. Those are such cute pictures!! What a fun day.

  8. what FABULOUS pics and I love the boots- ah! she is so cute :)


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