Day 5... Brooke's (and sort of mine) last day there...

posted on: 10.22.2009

For Brooke's last 'fun' day on the island, I took her to my favorite beach that is conveniently named #1 Beach. I called Wy last minute to see if he could take a couple hours off and join us, and he could- Hooray!
It was the first day since school started that he was able to break away for a bit, and it was SO much fun to show him the beach and just all be together enjoying it.
Tate was of course in heaven, she'd much prefer to play with Wyatt, and he showed her all the fun things you do at the beach like flying airplanes and running away from the crashing waves.
At one point the waves crashed so high that all our towels got soaked, so laying out was out the window for me and Brooke. To entertain us we made up fake coke commercials and I snapped away at Brooke laughing, only to cause her to laugh harder, which of course only made me want to take more pictures!
It's just becoming very normal to have a private beach to ourselves. Very cool.
running from waves
collecting coconuts
This was one of my favorite days I've had on the island. Having Wyatt there to hang out with and play makes things so much better!


  1. I haven't been to that beach yet but it looks just as dark as the rest of the sand on this island. I'm glad you had some fun with Wy before you left.

  2. These are some of my favorite pictures you've ever posted. It's so cute to see Wyatt and Tate playing on the beach!!! It looks like Brooke's visit was a blast!! See you soon :)

  3. Fun! I am so happy it was fun- it is so much better when husbands are involved :)

  4. What a fun trip! Yoiur pics are gorgeous!!!! Seriously I am in shock that you are home! This is crazy. We have to get together. We are just streets apart!

  5. yup chels, i use the lighter color for the lid & put the plum in the crease & then blend. seriously, i'm loving.

    and these pics of you & your sis are gorgeous i'm glad she got to visit & play with you for a bit. and i think i saw her at the 7-11 by the U a little bit ago. she is darling, just like you.

  6. the pictures you got are great! looks like fun!


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