Day 4

posted on: 10.22.2009

Okay, so I know I'm not actually in Dominica right now, but I can't post anything new until I finish up my amazing trip with Brooke!
Another hike... more amazing jungle scenery! On day 4 we went down to Trafalgar Falls. It's a spot where 2 giant waterfalls (one hot, and one cold) merge and form lots of little swimming holes... very hot and very cold ones.
The picture above is the hot pool we relaxed in- it was pretty amazing to turn the corner and find your own little private jungle hot tub!
Tate and Liz Prince
We found this great spot where 2 tiny waterfalls (one hot and one cold again) ran into a small pool. The hot waterfall was small enough to swim under and Tate was loving it! We were all joking that it was a good thing this pool didn't exist near the school, or we'd all be bathing naked here daily:) It was that amazing.
Amazing, right?
The 2 main waterfalls are above Boo to the left and the right
Tate and Boo enjoying the hot spring


  1. i really need to go there. :) everyone talks about it, but i still haven't gone. your pics are great, as usual... tate is SO cute.

  2. yeah! so cute :) what a fun time~

  3. i would bathe naked anytime in those! wow it's gorgeous!


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