Day 3... Secret Beach

posted on: 10.16.2009

So so beautiful! Wednesday we took a boat ride to Secret Beach.... a small private beach that is only accessible by boat. It's crazy how the water changes so much from one bay to the next. The bay we live in, since it's black sand, the water is really dark, but Secret Beach is so clear and teal blue because the sand is lighter.

We were trying to organize the boat ride for a couple days and couldn't find anyone that would just take the 3 of us. We finally called the right person who gave us some good tips... go down to Indian River (a river down the street) and ask for Jerome- tell him Ammond sent you, is what he said. So, just drive to the river and ask around for Jerome? Yup, he said. So that's what we did, and sure enough the very first person we asked knew just who Jerome was and 5 minutes later we were on the way to the beach. So Dominica.


This was the view we had all to ourselves... pretty spectacular!

After the beach we rinsed off at the pool, and found a little crab swimming in there with us:) Great, I love that. My friend picked the little guy up and Tate was so brave and got really close.

3 days down... 3 more to go!


  1. This beach is gorgeous! I am so glad your sis is there. They always make things better! I love all your adventures and seriously keep taking all the pictures because it is gorgeous there and the PERFECT backdrop! Tate looks darling in her little bikini. She is one hot beach babe!!! She seems to be getting older every post I see. Love and miss you guys! Can't wait till Dec.!

  2. Yay! Love all those little marine creatures - we mostly have the hermit crab variety here. This looks like my dream place Chels!

  3. The water is amazing there! The snorkeling is good too! I think the story about finding the boat man is awesome! Maybe we'll do that, just to do it. How much did he charge you for the three of you? So fun!

  4. I love all these posts -- such a funny experience. Where is the place Brooke and Tate are sitting in the last picture? It almost looks like a real restaurant. You are finding all sorts of treasures.

  5. we miss you wa! wa! wa! where is my Tate? wa! tell yourself and her that we LoVe you and MiSs you like crazy...

  6. okay, it's official! i have to come out there. it's too beautiful to pass up an opportunity. we'll just have to take out a loan :) i'm so glad you had such a great time with your sister!! lucky brooke. now i'm ready for you guys to come home ;)

  7. I can not get over how beautiful all the beaches are there. Looks so fun and the best weather. You have such cute pictures of Tate - love her little swimsuit - she is getting big and you have only been gone a couple months.

  8. Great Pics. Tate is so brave in the waves. I LOVE the book Brookie made. So darling. Love you all, Aunt Julie


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