Day 2... Emerald Pool

posted on: 10.16.2009

The adventures continued on Day 2, and it seemed the theme for this trip was quickly becoming "see as much as possible". On the way to Emerald Pool we made a pit stop in a little town called St. Joseph. It was a cute little town, and at the center was this cool old church building.
The drive up to Emerald Pool is amazing. It's so hard to see the depth of the jungle in these pictures, but it's just gorgeous!
Emerald Pool is a popular swimming hole and waterfall on the island, and once we drove there it was just a 15 minute walk down. A beautiful, jungle book type walk.
weird, an orange mushroom?
Not quite there yet, but look at this arial view of the falls! Me and Brooke just kept saying to eachother "we are seriously in the middle of the rainforest"! It's so surreal, like from a movie.
Once some of the cruise ship tourists had left, we had the pool all to ourselves and it was heavenly.
The water was super cold, so this was about as far as Boo made it in (I stayed even further back:) We did venture behind the falls and that was very cool too!
After a long day we met up with Wyatt for dinner at one of our favorite places (for the view alone) called De Champs.
the view from our table (this is Prince Rupert bay, where we live)
Emerald Pools was, to date, the neatest thing I've done on the island so far!


  1. That is a great spot! You got some great pictures of it. The view from DeChamps is great, but it's Prince Rupert Bay. Douglas is on the other side of Cabrits :-) I am so glad you are seeing tons of places because it is a beautiful island.

  2. what a fun time! the pics turned out amazing! we miss you! xo


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