choosing her pumpkin

posted on: 10.24.2009

Coming into town with 2 weeks until Halloween, we sure had a lot to do. First on the list, pick out a pumpkin.
Even though Tate was very very particular on which one she picked, she did narrow it down between only the mini ones. I made sure she knew, she could get a big one if she wanted, but she made sure I knew that the tiny pumpkins were perfect for little girls.
hmmm... is this a pumpkin she asked?
After choosing the perfect pumpkin, we headed down to our most favorite eatery and had lunch with Boo just like old times!
(don't ask where tate gets those moves... in the picture above:)
giddy about being able to have a day "just like old time". and we talked about it the whole time.
Wy, I knew you'd appreciate this picture, and that it would make you smile knowing how happy we were to be eating here:)
We miss you!


  1. Tate's outfit is to DIE for! And her little converse shoes! Fall is my favorite time of year for clothes. Looks like you guys are having a BLAST! We're so glad you made it there safe; Lucy asks about Tate every day too; I just tell her that Tate is in America then she talks about America ALL DAY.

  2. Um, I know exactly where she got those moves... I'm so bummed I'm not in the (801) right now! Please, go to Porcupine for me just once?

  3. Ummm you are so tan! I guess thats what you get for living in Dominica!

  4. i love reading your blog! Such an adventurous live you're living right now!~ Tate is seriously the cutest little girl I've ever seen. Hope you guys are doing well, it looks like you are enjoying being home!

  5. Tate is so so so cute- my gosh!

  6. don't mind me, just trying to zoom in on the picture of you and tate at paradise...ummm...may i ask what kind of bag that is? i am on the hunt for a new bag/diaper bag and i sure like the look of share, if you don't mind. on an entirely separate note, glad to see you were able to make it back to utah and enjoy my very favorite season. happy travels!

  7. i love that pose of tate's. she is a dancer in the making obviously! especially after her head banging last night. what a funny kid!

  8. chels, not weird, totally appreciated! i agree, i think its a compliment to the wife...we all want to hear that our husbands are cute, right?! and seriously, you are helping me out because the more women i can get to tell him it looks good, the better my chances are that he'll keep it!

    hope you are having such a wonderful time seeing your fam in good old slc. and i love you, girl. you crack me up because you totally have my same sense of humor. love it.

  9. also, no one in the history of the world has ever been THAT tan in october. lucky wyatt--you are sexy.

  10. Hey Chelsea! This is Laura, Wow, you moved to the Carribean? Ummm. That doesn't make me jealous at all!!! Sounds like tons of fun! Your little Tate is so so darling!
    -Laura Muir


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