Brooke is here!

posted on: 10.15.2009

3 cheers for Brooke- she is here and came bearing goodies and gifts from home! So far we've done a lot and are having a Fabulous (with a capital F) time. I wasn't exaggerating when I said we took 102 pictures the first day (we've since paired down a bit), but here is DAY 1 to the best of my editing abilities....
Can I just say real quick, I LOVE my sister!
Of course most gifts were for Tate- she is the most missed and loved back home:) Between her aunts, cousins, and grandparents she basically had an early Christmas and was so SO happy!
Brooke is always super thoughtful and creative with her gift giving, and this time it was no different. She made Tate a darling alphabet painting (which I'll show later), and also this ABC book, complete with pictures of some of Tate's favorite things!
On the first real day we headed down south to Mero Beach. It was glorious- a perfect day and we had the beach all to ourselves!
Tate has figured out that our mixing bowl and measuring cups are the perfect beach toys. She made us some cake lots of other food!
The usual sight you will see of Tate and her flip flops- wrong feet, wrong toes! She never cares.
One of 5 of our crab friends (not really though) that were hanging out with us:)
ok, really? My little sis is a total beach babe!
The rest of this post is all about Tate. I'm sorry, I'm totally becoming one of those annoying moms that always just posts pictures of their kids, but I just can't help it lately. The beach is giving me the perfect backdrop, and every little thing she does is picture worthy to me:)
This day, in particular, Tate seemed to have the most fun at the beach. I know it was because her Brookie was there and she wanted to show her everything she had learned about the beach.
(of course, finding rocks where ever we go)
waiting for the waves...
yeah! We were both shocked that she was doing this. Usually she's a little timid about the waves, but not this day. She just layed down and let them roll right over her, tossing and turning her little body in the sand!
She went off exploring for a bit, and when I finally looked around and found her she was climbing in this old fishing boat (see, perfect backdrops!)
such a little flirt
and so, so darling
To end the great day, we tried a new Chinese restaurant here called George's. It was pretty good, and gave us good laugh too:)
Brooke's first impression of the island... (in her words)
very jungly
crazy dominican men drivers
HOT juice men, seriously
men casually walking with machetes, that we sometimes have to ask for directions
lots of fried food
serious dense rainforest
Jerome, the boat man (enough said)
Day 2 to come...


  1. Finally!! I've been obsessively checking to see your trip so far with Boo. I'm so glad she could come and raise your spirits. Oh ya, you also forgot "Rwandaish". I so wish I could be there with you guys. That alphabet book is ADORABLE!!

  2. I love all the pictures of Tate! Fantastic! I also love that great book your sister made with family photos! What a wonderful gift!

  3. LOVED the post- so so fun- I want to eat Tate alive- she is so cute!

  4. What a fun alphabet book! Good job Brooke!! And Chelsea...when did you become a professional photographer?? Seriously, do you just naturally know how to take pictures that well or have you had some training?

    Tate is so beautiful! I miss that girl. (And you and Wy too!!)

  5. It's about time we had some pics! I knew it would take awhile before you two could tear yourselves away from each other and get to the computer!Such cute pictures of everyone!Be sure and post a picture of Boo's Dominican crush:)

  6. How cute is that alphabet book! What a great ideal. I will have to file that away for later.

    I'm so glad Brooke is there to play with you. looks like you guys are having so much fun! Tate looks so cute in her bikini!


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