#1 Beach

posted on: 10.09.2009

no really, that's the name. I can see why now, after spending the day there today.
It was an absolutely beautiful beach, a huge beach for Dominican standards, and since it was on the Atlantic side, the waves were totally surf worthy. This is the beach in Pirates of the Caribbean II where Johnny Depp is being chased by some other pirates.
Avery and Tate enjoying the unusually huge waves from the shore... they weren't quite used to seeing waves that big!
The best part about this beach, is the river. There is a calm, smooth river that runs right into the ocean, and it makes a great sandy wading pool for the kids to play in. Tate and Lucy running back and forth from ocean to river - could it get any better for a kid?
baby Shane, once fed was very happy:)
sandy snuggie toosh... courtesy of Avery
Kelly and Shane
Liz and Angie taking a dip... they are sitting in the river, that's how shallow it was. The best part was, unlike the usual rocky rivers, this one was pure sand on the bottom, so it was the perfect place to cool off.
i'm telling you... serious jungle book style here
Tate's "funny" face, and, as of late, the "I don't want to listen to you, so I'm going to try to make you laugh" face.
me, margo and liz
Sarah and Avery (how cute are they in their animal print bathing suits?!)
the kids were having a ball pretending to give Kelly & Shane a shower! what a good sport kelly was, getting a shower from three 2 year olds for about an hour!


  1. yea! I am so glad that you loved it! it is #1 in my heart too- I love that beach and am so happy that you had a blast- CUTE pics!

  2. So I'm thinking Tate may never want to comes back to the states and you will just have to live on the island forever. I wish I could afford to bring my whole family there...my kiddos would be in heaven. But I think it will just have to be me and Nate- when would you like us to come?

  3. yay! what fun! looks like everyone had a blast! :)

  4. So so so dreamy! I want to go to that beach and soak up the rays! Looks like a fun day. Miss you!

  5. Oh I'm glad you took so many pictures, they turned out really cute! What a fun day!

  6. That pic of avery and tate, unbelievable. I love it. How is it that you look darling at the beach and I look like um. . . a drowning rat? Somehow you always pull it off!

  7. Tate is so cute! I hope that you guys are doing well!

  8. Wow. I'm 90% sure you guys are going to have to show me this beach when I get back. Looks like a lot of fun.

  9. you may just be the most friendly girl i know. it would take me years and years to make the friends you have in weeks. well done. i know you are probably home sick beyond my comprehension, but if you've got to be somewhere for a few years, looks like a wonderful place to be. keep blogging, it is fun to see all that you are up to. take a dip in the ocean for me.

  10. so beautiful....hey is that margo johnson in that pic? i know her and kreg if so!! i love them.


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