Wyatts 'make do' birthday...

posted on: 9.28.2009

You know, there isn't much you can do here for a birthday. There isn't much to buy (besides junky trinkets, or food) , and there aren't any fabulous restaurants to dine at. So we had to keep it very simple this year... I don't do simple birthdays, so this was very hard.
We started the morning off with some pancakes and then he his opened presents. Presents consisted of all the food Wyatt loves and can't get down here... Dr. Pepper, powdered sugar, and Take Five's. It's hard to say which was his favorite because he also got a 3 hole punch (can you believe I splurged), and a water raft for the ocean, courtesy of Pat & Rolfe.
He was actually quite excited about the raft, and we used it that day to go "floating" in the ocean.
We dined at a super fancy pizzeria (pictured above), and walked home excited to watch a movie for the first time since we've been down here, and eat the cake I made for him from a box. Also, very fancy.
I'm loving the solo shot of Wyatt here- proving he can still hang although he's nearing 30.
love you babe, sorry you got the shaft this year.


  1. I think I am slightly overly obsessed with tate. everytime I see her i swear she gets more beautiful! just wanted you to know! love you all!! sorry about tonight, can we please chat soon!! I miss you!!

  2. You will remember this in the end and say that these were some of your best years as a family. Love your posts Chels. Such an amazing little family.

  3. I adore the top collage- so so cute- also the blow by blow of Wyatt's awesome birthdy made me happy- you will be so happy to have that birthday to look back at :)

  4. happy birthday to the brilliant med student! and g is turning 30 next month!! i am hoping he can still hang, since im 7 years behind him. :(

    maybe wyatt can teach him. ha!

  5. I'm impressed that you even made a cake...since the cookies took 20 minutes to cook:) And I'm hoping you used your new griddle for the pancakes!! It's the little things, right? Still looks like a fun bday! Love you guys!

  6. It sounds like a perfect birthday for Wyatt! He's always been a "simple" kind of guy. Miss you guys!!


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