Well into week 2

posted on: 9.02.2009

While we're enjoying our second here, I thought I'd post about some of the highs and lows of our stay thus far....
the scenery, oh the scenery!
playing at the beach daily, literally 
meeting great new friends
being able to pick avocados, bananas, starfruit, and mangos out of our front yard
wabisco coconut cookies
rituals mocha chiller
no keeping up with the jones, everyone is poor and hot and grungy all the time
getting a nice tan
the fresh fruit juice
living next to a river
watching tate's hair turn white overnight
 friendly (and naked) locals who bathe in our river
not worrying about what to wear, or having to even get ready (have yet to even blow dry my hair)
a great landlord
real natural hot pools 50 yards from our house
the heat, it'll be the death of me I swear
the creepy creatures in the bushes (tonight we saw a crab literally the size of a kitten just strolling down the road alongside us) SICK!
a complete stranger breaking my kate spade sunglasses at the pool:( seriously guy?!
finding a cockroach, lizard, and endless milipedes in my own house (not a day has gone by where I haven't had to smash something when I came home)
the walking, while I know it's good for me, I still hate it
the grocery stores, or lack thereof 
the roaming bulls on our road (yes I said bulls), one day they will charge me I'm sure of it
mosquito bites all over my ankles
finding bugs in our rice... and flour after we just bought it
finding a centipede (those things BITE) in the road tonight the size of a cow! I'm still itching
ants in our house, constantly
breaking my favorite jcrew flip flips on the cracky sidewalk
walking to campus every day to fill up our water jugs with clean drinkable water, that's getting really old really fast
no bravo, E!, hgtv, fox... there might as well not be a tv (no Oprah even!!)
no couch... we have a wicker (meant for the outdoors) tiny loveseat and chair as our "furniture"
brown water to bathe in when it rains... which it does all the time
I'm really trying to embrace more of the things on my "lows" list, but it's off to a slow start. I really just wasn't born to be a rastafari hippy guys.


  1. Your high list sounds wonderful your low list, well, I think anyone would struggle with those things. Hang in there. So glad you got your TV shows still!!!:) Your mom is so darling! Love your posts keep them coming.

  2. PS~what I would give to never get ready!!! I hate getting ready EVERY day.

  3. I think the highs outweigh the lows for sure - you are so very lucky to have this adventure! I'm beyond jealous and think it's such an incredible way to gain knowledge and life experience. Just think, Tate will never be afraid of anything creepy or crawly thanks to the cow sized centipedes! You are a tough mama and a have always been a natural beauty - you totally got this!

  4. I am not sure if you know this- I found out living in Texas where we have MANY cockroaches. Never squish a cockroach, they lay there eggs if you crunch them. You have to spray them with cockroach spray to kill them for them not to lay there eggs. I will seriously send you some cockroach spray if you want! I HATE bugs!

  5. What an amazing adventure! I'm sure there is so much to get used to, but wow, I would love to live like that for a while. How awesome!

  6. oh chels, seriously FEW of us are born to live in the jungle, be hippies, bathe in brown water & LIKE IT. to me, it sounds like you are doing wonderfully considering the vast difference in your life before & your life now. it would be hard & it's your right to complain to us every now & then! if you can't complain to your friends, who can you complain to?

    love you! have a happy weekend! xoxoxo

  7. Ok I am totally with you on the bugs and things in the bushes! Ahhh! Those things give me the willies! But I am super jealous of the fresh fruit and juices. Sounds so good! Oh and I am even more jealous of your naked neighbs!

  8. AHH hang in there! I am right there with you, It would have to really grow on me to "rough it" although it is paradise. HOLY smizz millipedes!!! They are by far the creepiest insect, I can only imagine. I LIVE for HGTV and I am sorry your missing out but hey you will have lots to catch up on when you get home! Hang onto the positives, it will get you thru the negatives! :)

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I think your highs seem fantastic! I would love to not get ready and feel good about it! Remember to "Keep Calm and Carry On" Chels! Love,Katie

  10. lets go to the hot spas ASAP! I like the highs! both the lows and highs are to true :)


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