Trafalgar Falls

posted on: 9.23.2009

Wyatt's parents are in town (woo-hoo:), and for our first island adventure we decided to take the hour drive and trek inland to see Trafalgar Falls. The drive was hilarious... from the crazy narrow roads, to asking 15 people for directions, to dodging cliffs and potholes, it was quite the adventure.
Once we finally got there though, it was all worth it! I'm totally not a nature hippie, but this was SO gorgeous and I found myself loving being out in it.
Tate was such a trooper and walked the whole trail- insisting on not needing any help (of course:)
This is a half way lookout point. Here you can only see one waterfall, but there are actually two. One is cold water, and one is steaming hot.
We made it to the base of the falls... now we just needed to figure out how to carry Tate over all the boulders. People are so nosy sometimes... all along the way people kept telling "oh, this is not safe for kids", or "oh, be so careful with her". It was really bothering me. The trail states that it's a kid friendly hike and we have 3 very capable adults who can help her. After all was said and done- she was just FINE.
yes, that is me. being cheesy and proud of myself for climbing to the top. The view was amazing and very surreal to be so close to them.
See that dark black hole in the middle of the picture? That is where the trail came out to the falls... yes we were truly hiking through the middle of the jungle.
Our reward once we got there- some nice crystal clear water to swim and cool off in. You can't tell from this picture, but there are several pools at the base of the falls. Some are burning hot and some are cool, it was really neat!
PS- It's my beautiful mother in law Pat's birthday today! I'm so glad she was here so we could celebrate her birthday with her! We love you Pat.


  1. Chelsea, it looks like you are having one adventure after the look so cute with your gorgeous tan...It looks beautiful down there. Hope all is going well for you Wyatt and Tate.

  2. yea! I'm so glad you loved it! It is amazing though :) hooray!

  3. Chels- I'm so glad Pat and Rolfe are down there with you, and that you were able to show Pat a good time on her birthday. The hike looks beautiful! You are all so gorgeously tanned. That picture of Mom with Tate makes her look 20 years old. It's gorgeous. Make sure she gets a copy. :)

  4. Oh how fun to have family in town, and what a cool place to go! I love the pic of the potty training, that is awesome she seems pretty proud of herself!

  5. Gee I feel like I haven't been on your blog forever....there is like 4 new posts! Love them all. Congrats to Wy for finishing his first week of med school, yeah for tate for mastering the potty stuff(lucky you, and yeah for you for continuing to be such a good sport. You look gorgeous as ever and you guys look like you are having so much fun. I am so glad Wy's parents are down there...I'm sure it was a very welcomed visit. We miss you guys so much. I know I say this every time I comment but it is so true. Love ya!

  6. love the pictures!! tate is such a little trooper. i'm so impressed with your new found love for adventure in the jungle. the pic of tate and pat is amazing! it is quite possibly my new favorite picture of them. what beauts!! you look darling! miss you.

  7. I'm trying to get over my overwhelming ENVY and be so excited that you get to enjoy Pat and Rolfe:) That hike and the pools look amazing! Be sure to put that on the list when we visit! We love and miss you guys!

  8. I love it! It's fun to see Pat and Rolfe on a hike. I'm sure they're having a blast! My friend was telling me that she looked at your blog last night and she's obsessed with Tate. I mean who isn't, but I just thought I'd pass it along. Love you guys! Happy birthday Patty!

  9. Way to go Tate! She is such a good sport...and so independent! How fun to have visitors. Pat does not look like a grandma at all. She looks fabulous!! That hike looks so dreamy!! Maybe one day....


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