rainy days

posted on: 9.12.2009

It's been raining a lot here lately (and when I say rain, I mean downpour), so we've been doing a lot of crafts, movies, and naps around here. Tate tried her hands at painting for the first time and completely loved it. 
If you know Tate well, you know that she has a hard time getting down and dirty... so the finger painting took some convincing. After all was said and done she preferred the brush- which was fine by me because it's so much easier for me to clean up:)
I just sat there the whole time and watched her in awe... she was so careful, so precise, like she knew just what she wanted to paint. Even though the colors did  blend into each other after a while , each color was placed very thoughtfully by her on the paper.
See her face here... this was serious stuff
All done... and for Ella she says.


  1. how cute is she! I love how dainty she is- such a girl...she really does make me happy.

  2. Love you all and miss you! call me soon!


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