Pat & Rolfe's Dominican Adventure!

posted on: 9.27.2009

Wyatt's parents, Pat & Rolfe just left... we are so sad! It was so much fun to hang out with them, and let them experience a bit of Dominica. Coming straight from New York City, they had quite the change in atmosphere... and pace... and food- well everything, but they handled it like the seasoned travelers they are, and adapted so quickly. I tried to give them a little taste of everything while they were here. A bit of the outdoors (Trafalgar Falls), a bit of history (Cabrits National Park, pictured below), a bit of campus life, and of course tons of sun!
Oh, how could I forget... also a bit of the random food here. You just can't really understand it until you're down here. One night we wanted to check out this Chinese place we had heard a lot about (yes, they actually have a LOT of Chinese restaurants here??). Anyway, we drove around a bit and then we stumbled apon a barn looking building- no sign, no real entrance, but there were tables inside, so we thought that must be it. Sure enough it was... in the middle of nowhere. Honestly, you would have thought it was an abandoned building where some people had set up tables and chairs to hang out at. BUT, I must say we all really liked the food (Wyatt and I are even going back tonight). Tate needed to go to the bathroom a few hundred times while we were there, so I got to peak inside the "kitchen" because the bathroom was right off it.
I about had a heart attack when I saw how they were preparing our food. On one hand it completely disgusted me, and on the other it was charming because it showed just how simple these people live and how they have made something out of nothing. It basically looked like a camp site- they were cooking our plates (one dish at a time) on a single hot plate that was set atop a stack of cement bricks. The rice was steaming in a tiny single steamer, just on the floor in the corner. There were scraps of food all over on the floor, which were feeding the ants nicely. Food handler permits do not exist here.
On day 3 we decided to check out Cabrits. It's basically home to Fort Shirley, which once was home to over 600 British soldiers (you don't care about the rest). All I know is the view was spectacular, and the breeze on top was heavenly. After all that, we learned the canons had never even been fired.
There was also a huge mango tree at the top of the hill that was neat
The commander's quarters... I think. Obviously, this was restored, but there is a lot of Fort Shirley that isn't, and is now just engrossed in vines and creatures! On the way up we were discussing what a wussy name Fort Shirley is. Doesn't sound all that intimidating.
Inside the commanders quarters, and on the top floor, there was a single window open that overlooked the beautiful bay... I was so happy to capture Tate in this moment, just peering out.
Tate was so hot from all the walking and kept telling me she was sweating.
Later that night we went to dinner at Riverside... Tate was a bit pouty as you can tell. This is her new favorite face when she's trying to be ultra dramatic. That dinner was also funny- because we sat on the deck which is right next to the river the bugs were out in full force! At one point I looked down at my plate and found 5 bugs in my food! I truly lost my appetite and couldn't even finish my meal. I've now declared that the heat is no longer the issue with me... it's the bugs. Oh how I hate those stupid disgusting annoying bugs.
Tate was soooo happy to see them and be with them every second! I think she thoroughly enjoyed getting their undivided attention all day, and really bonded with them. She's so sad they are gone and keeps asking me if we can go back to their house:(
The last night we ate at a place called De Champs... it sits atop a hill and has a spectacular view. It's a great open air restaurant/bar with pretty good american like food. Wyatt and I decided this was our favorite place so far, just for the atmosphere.
admiring her grandpa, who she fell in love with on this trip!
Thanks SO much for coming out to see us Pat & Rolfe. We're so glad we could show you where we live, and spend time with you. We made so many funny memories on this trip....
- Rolfe's crazy (but good) driving that made us feel like we were on the wild mouse ride at Lagoon
- locals riding around in backs of trucks with machetes
- Pat trying to teach Tate that lizards aren't scary
- looking like fools trying to get Tate across the rocks at Trafalgar Falls
- almost drowning Pat at Trafalgar falls, then laughing so hard I might have peed
- daily naps
- Rolfe getting so much joy from picking our fresh fruit out of our yard every day (we have orange, starfruit, grapefruit, and avacado trees)
- me insisting that we won't pay the $5 to get into the falls (there was a cruise tour that was also doing the falls that day & they were charging everyone $5 to enter... I had already read on the website that morning that it was FREE). They can be so shady here.
- bug bites... and more bug bites -bed bugs for Pat:(
- eating with a flashlight at Riverside
- Pat bringing me all the current Us magazines, plus the new Elle Decor- HEAVEN SENT! (now i finally know what's going on in the world:)
- Fancy Nancy for Tate which we now read every night & she calls it the "pretty book"!


  1. yeeaaa!@ what a fun post :) I think that they LOVED their Dominican Adventure! Tate is so adorable- I honestly don't know what to do- so so cute and funny as can be- you got some amazing shots and I really like them!

  2. Sounds like such a great time with the Horsleys. I'm so glad you had visitors and that you got Us Weekly and Elle Decor. Love it. And, I can't believe how tan you all are (I mean, I can, you live in the sun - but you know . . . ). You look fabulous and really seem to be adjusting to this new life (minus the bugs . . . I'd never adjust to those, either).

    Love and miss you.

  3. what a great recap of the trip! i was laughing out loud when i read about rolfe's driving. classic rolfe! so fun talking to you guys last night! love you all!

  4. I love these pictures -- they make me miss you guys already! I'm so sad we couldn't see Tate (and you) on Skype last night. My bed bug bites are healing nicely. They are much smaller now -- looks like acne on my forehead. Thanks for a wonderful trip. You were perfect hosts!!

  5. It was so fun to hear about the trip! You got some really cute pictures during the adventures. I'm glad they could see you guys! Come home already...


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