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posted on: 10.04.2009

Tate and I went on a day trip with the Spouses club here... Batibou Bay. The prettiest beach I've been to down here yet. We had a great day laying out, getting salt scrubs in the sand, and swimming!
Swimming with Avery, Caleb and Sarah. A new fun game- riding double in my single Bob!
Movie nights! This week they showed the movie "Up" on campus and the kids thought they had died and gone to heaven. At least Tate did. Have I told you how much I love that movie?!
Swimming, or playing in the pools shower with Lucy!
The spatula becoming one of Tate's new babies... shhh, she's rocking her to sleep!
a bull, roaming on the side of our road (dad, this one is just for you!)
Other newsworthy activities...
Wyatt's preparing for his first test and is beyond busy. I now know what it would be like to be a single parent, and it's so not easy. Wyatt may have it harder though, studying at school from 8am- midnight!
Tate's obsession with the character Olivia (you know, the pig?) has reached an all time high! She asks to watch the dvd about 10 times a day, falls asleep to the book, and is quoting lines from both ALL day! She's very into eating spaghetti and brussel sprouts, because that's what Olivia eats. She also talks about how Francine (Olivia's frenemy) uses a spork and how that's so fancy!
This week, in our house, we've found...
2 lizards- one dead and one alive
1 millipede
2 centipede's (one was crawling up my foot!!!!!)
about 8 earwigs
oh, and 3 frogs in our bath tub!
Yes, I walked into the bathroom to take Tate potty and caught something out of the corner of my eye. I look closer and see it's a frog! Then I look around the tub and see 3!! I about had a heart attack. Not like frogs are scary, I know they're harmless. It's just, they are so jumpy and hard to catch, and they are in my house! If one of those things jumped on me, or got loose in my house, it might just send me into cardiac arrest.
I mean, really, who lives like this? It's ridiculous.
My best friend Cassi turns 27 today... love you, miss you!
To carry on the Conference weekend tradition, I made fried scones for brunch... they were divine. In fact, I'm eating my 7th right now. yes, 7.
I just counted 19 mosquito bites on my feet and ankles
For the cost of our rent and electricity down here, we could've paid our mortgage, all utilities, car payment, gas for 1 month in both cars, and insurance, in Utah!


  1. what fun pics- thank HEAVENS you already have your tickets or I would be taking you to the airport TOMORROW!- xo love :)

  2. That beach is to die for! Mini would be in heaven with the frogs for sure. LOVE that movie so much that it made me cry during a few parts. And lastly, I'm obsessed with your blog.

  3. yikes on the bug situation! that just makes me shake just hearing about it. love the pictures......and tate's new smile! honestly she's is beautiful. i'm not just saying that either because she's my niece. tyler says all the time, i hope our kids look like tate. yeah, i'm sure we won't get that lucky. missed talking to you this sunday! we need to do that soon!

  4. k so gross about the bugs! but i'm so glad that you got to have scones for conference! it looks like you guys had a good week. miss you!

  5. I don't know how you're dealing with all those extra house guests...you're a good mom to not freak out in front of Tate. I found a spider in my KitchenAid mixing bowl one time...ran and jumped on my bench, called Daniel screaming and crying for him to come home from work to get it! I'm really not that big of a wimp, I was just so sick of all our spiders when we first moved into our house-the situation has been taken care of now :) oh, and I saw your dad the other day riding his bike by great harvest!

  6. wait -- didn't Tate hate Up? I guess it was just how noisy it was in the theater. I recall her sweating and hiding her face. She is so funny. I'm glad your scones worked out. Sorry I wasn't more help with that -- I didn't really check my email when we were in Dallas. So happy you got to see conference and you are keeping the scone tradition alive.

  7. Oh my gosh I didn't even recognize Tate! Her hair is so blonde and she's like a little girl now instead of a todler. It looks like you are enjoying a little piece of heaven down there (minus the toads, bugs, and other gross things) Glad to see you're doing well!!


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