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posted on: 9.03.2009

Tate has adjusted so well down here! She makes friends so easily and has already found some little buddies that she adores, and they seem to adore her too (in fact, on sunday at church, all the nursery kids wanted to draw pictures of Tate-how cute is that)!
 I am amazed so at how well she's done with the heat, new jungle environment, new home, new friends, new big girl bed (for the first time), new foods, and especially with leaving all her loved grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins, and toys behind.
She seems to love the island life, and has yet to have an "i miss home" breakdown (unlike her mother:) I am so impressed by her.
She has picked up some quirky habits along the way though...
One very random is that we are going to disneyland every day- several times in a day actually? She comes in to wake us up in the morning, and tells us we need to "get our wristbands on" because we are going to disneyland! 
Disneyland can be anywhere, and so far, has been outside by our pond, in our family room ect. The same with the wristbands- scraps of paper balanced on our wrist, an elastic, all have been our wristbands. She talks about this constantly.
We're always having to hurry and put our shoes on, get dressed, get our wristbands, so we're not late to disneyland. We don't really know where she's getting it... her imagination is incredible.
Speaking of imagination, it has become the center of all her games. She rarely plays with anything like it should be played with, everything is make believe.
She's always taking care of baby Susie (oh in fact, baby Susie apparently wants me to hold her right now:)... she was sick. Yesterday at the taxi store she put Susie into time out in the stores corner... she told me Susie was screaming and getting into the garbage. After a minute or so I watched her walk over to baby Susie, crouch down and say this... "do you know why you were in time out baby Susie? We never scream okay?".
Like I was saying, make believe. She gives her toys names like Ska, she straps Ella and Gracie (who really live in Slc) into her stroller and then refuses to get in because "mom, Ella is already in there!". She always asking for money (which is just our spare change) because she needs to pay things... which are usually the tv, the phone, and for chicken and corn! She brings us treats all the time- this morning it was a playdough hamburger, but usually it's just nothing... she just opens her empty hand and says "look! it's candy for you!"
I'm so glad she's able to make believe. That was always my favorite form of play when I was little, so it's really fun to see her do the same. There are much more things to play with around the house when you have a little imagination!
I just love everything about my little Tate, and I'm so glad she's here with me on this adventure!
ps- right after I finished this post I killed a lizard in my house with bug spray! Fredericks.... don't hate me:)


  1. A new post everyday?!?!?! Loving it and I love Tate! Kids always make everything better (99% of the time!!!!).

  2. Oh, cute, cute Tate. I can't wait to read this post to Jackson tomorrow. He asks me each day he's with me whether there are new "Tate stories". They crack him up.

  3. Tate truly has the cutest personality in the world! We miss her always entertaining us around here. I'm so glad she's there to keep you guys company.

  4. Oh she is just the cutest thing! I will say again... she is part of the reason I hope to have a girl this time around! Of course the kids wanna draw pics of her... she really is beautiful! By the way, I wanna hear about church?! Isn't the mind an incredible thing... especially when it comes to those little ones! I am so glad she has adjusted and you haven't had to deal with the stress of maybe what it could have been for her. I'm just loving watching your story unfold! Did you ever get my e mail? I will call you next week... do you have a better day or time? Love you Chels!

  5. I DO hate you! sad! the only thing that saved it is the CUTE Tate entry- LOVED that. she really is so darling- I absolutely love her- she (like your whole family) make me so happy!


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