literally, in the jungle

posted on: 9.05.2009

I know, I know I'm posting like crazy... but seriously this place has a lot to blog about! Plus, since we don't get any good tv, that means I have ample time at night all to my computer:)
Yesterday we took a great little hike up the Picard River (runs right next to our house). Some of our friends had done this before and discovered a great little swimming hole. Tate and Lucy were thrilled about discovering everything about the trail and were such great little buddies the whole way! These two gals are like peas in pod, what one does the other MUST follow! 
The trail, as you can see, is on either side of the grass, but Tate and Lucy insisted on walking right down the middle... even though it was about knee length for them! They just giggled and talked the whole way up.
At the end of our hike, we arrived here! Honestly all I could think was, we are literally in the middle of the jungle. Vines, trees, mossy rocks, and creatures all around us, water beneath us, and not a modern thing in site! The water, although super cold, was so so clear. Luckily we didn't run into any naked locals:)
My island girl
tasting the water?
There were some locals jumping off the rocks though... these people have a death wish I swear. They have no fear and they just live so carefree!
Most of our group enjoying the cool water:)
It's pretty surreal to live right across the river from this place!


  1. that was so cute with Tate and Lucy- it was very fun and we will have to do it again soon :)

  2. Let me know next time you head up - we'd love to join you!

  3. Keep up the posts! It is so fun to read up on you, but crazy to imagine this is your reality now and your home sweet home :)

  4. Wow, my friend, that place looks like so much fun! I am glad you guys are getting out and exploring, what a fantastic place!

  5. Hi I'm one of Dru's friends and I thought I would introduce myself since I have been "blog stalking" you ;) My name is Rachael and my little family is on an adventure as well. We moved to Cambodia about the same time you guys moved. I look at your blog because I feel like you may be the only person who knows what I'm feeling right now. Thank you for your post, they always make me laugh and feel better. Good luck to your cute family! May you guys have many more amazing adventures! I hope you don't mind if I continue to read your blog!



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