let me apologize...

posted on: 9.16.2009

... for the most random post of all time.
I'm a little behind, and nothing too exciting has happened, so this is just a little something for friends and family back home. I know you were all wanting, dying probably, to see our new place- here it is! It was pouring the day I took these, so I didn't get one of the outside ,(or our bedroom or bathroom because they were too messy:), but you get the idea.
The one above is our entry/family room/kitchen. Yup, it all fits in that tiny space. The doors with the curtains that look like patio doors are our front doors.
View of the kitchen, right as you walk in the house (and a peek at Tate's room off to the right).
kitchen- could not be any smaller, I'm sure of it.
Tate's room. I know it's not the most cozy place & it certainly isn't as "magical" as her old room, but it's fine. It's pink and cute and girly and she has a giant bed which she loves!
That's about it! All that's missing is the bathroom and closet which are jack & jill style with our bedroom attached.
A lizard that just took a short dip in the pool.... with me and tate!
Tate running fast away from the lizard! I already booked it out asap and left her to fend for herself:)
look how concentrated she is about getting the heck out of there!
a downpour of rain right outside my window... it's been raining A LOT lately. We have a tin roof, and the rain is so heavy and loud that we can barely hear our tv.
still out and about though... using the Bob as my car:)
Wyatt had his White Coat Ceremony, where he becomes initiated into the world of medicine. The picture shows just how thrilled he was to be going... in his defense it was pouring outside (he had to walk) and family couldn't even come! But, I still think he looked dapper in that white coat, and I couldn't be more proud of what he's doing! First week of med school down, only 200 more to go.
and last of the most random post ever... I made my first loaf of homemade bread. No bread maker, just my hands and the oven. Aren't you proud dad? It's even wheat. It turned out pretty delicious if I do say so myself and Tate now refers to it as "the yummy bread". I love her.
Good night.


  1. I really have been dying to see your place - and let's be honest, Tate's "it's ok, not quite as magical, yada yada" room is still way cuter than anything in my house will ever be. You + anything, even primitive jungle = fantastic. Everything actually looks pretty great . . . minus the lizard in the swimming pool. Shoot. Good thing Tate knows how to fend for herself. I love the idea of you running away, leaving her to deal with the lizard. Which I'm sure is an exaggeration, but funny nonetheless.

    And, you are looking tan and gorgeous as ever. Who needs Anthro sweaters when they've got tan terrific skin and perfect curls? Honestly. And, Wyatt is looking dapper (and grumpy - love it) in his new white coat. Here we go med school . . .

    Can you tell I miss you? Leaving the longest comment allowable? Let's find a time to chat. What's the time difference? (If I had half a brain, I'm sure I could figure it out, but I'd rather not think.)

    Love you girl.

  2. So fun to see inside your little world!!! I love all the pictures on your fridge! I think it looks delightful, especially as winter will soon be approaching (although I do love fall).
    Wyatt looks so handsome (don't roll your eyes Wyatt), and I too, could not be more proud. His e-mail that depicted the school and described it so vividly had me in tears. What an incredible journey!!! You've both worked so incredibly hard to get where you are. I'm jeaulous of your strength and perserverance, Wyatt. So proud of him...and you, and this move you've made! Although, we do miss you.

    All my love,


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  4. Dear Long Lost Friend,
    Your blog makes me happy. I check it all the time now. Your personality comes right through your posts, which makes me realize you're exactly the same as before - just maybe a little older and wiser, and with a dapper husband and super cute kid.
    Your Friend,
    Fyee in the Air

  5. Although you think this post is very random, I love it, I think it actually might be one of my favorites so far...dont ask me why! ha I love Tate's room, it is so cute! and the bread, looks delicious, and congrats to wy for finishing his first week! that is very exciting! please keep the posts coming, I love looking at them! Love you all, lets try ichat soon!

  6. the yummy bread! wow! :) congrats! :)

  7. I just had to come tell you 3 things

    1. again... you make any space into a sanctuary

    2. I did try calling you and left a message actually :(

    3. I want some freaking bread!!

    Love you! Talk to you when we get back... I'll try your digits again

    p.s. aaahhhh I'm sooo excited Chels!

  8. There is SO much to love in this post...being able to see your house, so that when I think of you I can picture where you are:),the amazing photo of Tate running for her life as you(being the good mom/blogger that you are) grab the perfect picture of her with BOTH feet off the ground, the oh so funny picture of Wyatt...could he look any more uncomfortable?, and your fabulous bread!! I am so proud, Dad will be even more proud! Oh, and can I just say, Tate has some killer legs...she's pretty ripped for a two year old!!

  9. thank you for the home pictures!! i think we've all be dying to see this glorious place that you live in. and i agree with everyone that you could make a cardboard box darling......somehow you ALWAYS pull it off. wy looks so handsome in his coat. he was made for this! just know that i'm sitting here at the desk i spend half of my life at pasty as can be, a little jealous that your tanned and beautiful in the jungle! :)

  10. Chelsea way to make any house look cute! Tate's bedroom is still cuter then any of my kids rooms will ever be. It was so fun to see the house!! Looking at your blog makes me homesick...which doesn't work because I'm still in Utah. A weird phenomenon really. I guess I just really really miss your family!! Good Wyatt! Hope school is going well :)

  11. Chelsea!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing. You have come a long way from that day at Babinski's when we decided to start our own blogs. I am SO proud of you. Isn't it weird how you start NOT to mind lizards and crabs and whatever. I love and miss you SO much! Please kiss Tate for me.


  12. yeah! I loved EVERY part of your random post- I MUST see Tate's old room- just because of the word magical :) the bread looks very yummy and I ADORE the angry white coat pic- ha! Jason loved it too...

  13. Love the new place Chels, It may not compare with your old place but you have made it really seem like a home! Tate's room is darling, I love her giant bed ha ha ha!

  14. Chels - your place looks so cute. I love it! I hear you on the kitchen space - I love our five cabinets. :)
    I'm loving all your fun adventures and a bit jealous of your weather. I know I will be even more jealous in a couple months. :)


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