"I die"

posted on: 9.01.2009

Today was a great day. 
No we didn't go to an adventurous beach somewhere, or snorkel around an undiscovered reef....
Instead I "skype watched" the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project! Let me tell you, it was heavenly!
Apparently I can't watch Hulu, or a lot of other online tv sources because they don't have licensing agreements down here. So that meant I could never watch Rachel Zoe:( depressing, right?
That is, until my genius parents told me they had it tivo'd and they would turn their computer to the tv and play it for me over skype!
"I die"
ALSO, as if that weren't enough to make me smile, my little sister called and said she booked a flight to come out here this October!
Hooray, what a great day!


  1. I DIE TOO!
    Leave it to your mom Chels to be so clever and be able to give you all the joys of life... well, maybe not life but what a life that Zoe has RIGHT!? I DIE!
    Just for a day I would love to be able to have all those clothes and jewels and handbags and shoes oh MY!
    Glad you're getting the simple pleasures still Chels. Much love to you in your faraway land.
    I'll keep checking back to hear all the wonderful things you're experiencing. XOXO
    ps - Glad to hear you'll have your wonderful sis visiting soon.

  2. Oh my friend you are hilarious! Looks like you guys are having so fun!! What a great adventure you guys are having, so fun!

  3. So funny! Remember when Tate said "cute outfit mommy, I die!" So funny! I am glad I got the website right!

  4. Happy to have made your day:) If I have to rewatch a TV show with the volume on 26, at least it's Rachel Zoe!

  5. "i die" i so badly want to hear tate say that! so glad you can watch your show. that is what i like to call a tender mercy. your mom's a genius!

  6. how funny are you?! ha! i love it- can't wait to meet the sister- it makes life go so fast :)


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