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posted on: 8.24.2009

After 3 miserable days of traveling we're finally here! We had a couple unexpected delays and one very unexpected overnight stay in Antigua (where we met another student who happened to be in the circus as well:) It was a very interesting couple days, and things aren't seeming normal yet.
Good thing Tate was with us to lighten the mood and make us laugh when we wanted to cry. Here she is walking up to the airline counter all by herself with her "pack pack" and some "monies" she got from Wyatt. He gave her a penny and we weren't quite sure why she wanted it, until we saw her toting her pack pack by herself up to the counter, hand the lady her penny and ask to go to Dominica!!
I could barely take this picture I was laughing so hard... luckily the lady thought it was pretty funny too:)
Killing time during one of our many layovers...
Wow, Wyatt and I about died when we saw this! Check out that top model pose:)
Tate's first picture in Dominica- carrying around her pool floatie as her purse, and sporting her "cool keens"... her words, not mine!
The first day we got here was a big blur... I'll spare you the details because they aren't pretty. Wyatt and I were both very shell shocked and everything seemed worse than we had even imagined. I'm going to try to keep this positive, but I'll just say it's not what you've imagined life on the Caribbean would be like... it's still a 3rd world country.
Today was a bit better, as we got more sleep and let things sink in a bit. We walked to campus (which is 10 minutes away) and got our phones, exchanged our money, and ate at Subway (1 of the only 2 American restaurants). It was pure heaven, not just the food, but the AC was glorious and they even had a Coke Light, which satisfied my need for an ice cold diet coke!
Tate has already made friends with some of our neighbors, and was happy to see them at the playground on campus as well!
This is the view from the Subway deck (right on campus)... it's pretty cool. The lower deck is where they hold Yoga classes... I'm hoping to try to make some classes. 
This is what they call "the shacks", basically it's a row of local vendors that sell fresh produce, fresh yogurt and other food to the students out of these little wooden shacks. We stopped by today and were going to try some new fruit, but they didn't have what we wanted. Anyway, just thought it was funny how they do things around here! There is also a large van parked on the side of the road, called the "schwarma", and she sells sandwich's and things.
On the way home from Campus we needed to stop by the store to get a few things... this is the road leading up to the store, called James Store (I'm guessing it's owned by James?). Although the mountains and ocean are breathtaking, the towns, roads and buildings are quite awful and gross. Nothing is paved, and everything is ridden with giant pot holes.
This is the grand entrance to James Store- I about passed out in there today because it was so incredibly hot! The heat is a whole other thing down here. I've never been in a climate like this- Florida, Hawaii- nothing even comes close to this heat and humidity! For me, that's been the worst thing. From the moment I step outside I'm already too hot for comfort and starting to sweat! Plus, we don't have a car so we have to walk everywhere, which means I'm sweating all day... dripping all day is a better word for it.
The grounds around our property are the most well kept I've seen yet. It's actually really pretty and manicured well. This is the road leading right to our house. Our house is on the left (the orange buildings). 
This pond is just right at the end of our sidewalk and although neat, creeps me out!! Just think what could be lurking in there?!?!
On the walk up to our place either way you look, this is what you see! From 1 inch off the road, it looks like this and from there it just goes and goes. The rainforest is so dense, it's a bit scary. On our walk last night we saw a huge and I mean HUGE land crab scurrying off the road into this dense ground cover. You couldn't pay me a million bucks to walk through that now!
This is our little frontyard, looking out from our front balcony. If you've been following my blog and are confused... we actually switched houses and aren't living in the other one I previously posted about.
Our house runs right next to the Picard River, literally this is steps away from our road. Today as we were walking back from lunch we saw some locals swinging from the vines into the river... seriously cool!
This is the outside of our house (although we'll be moving tomorrow into a bigger unit), they all basically look like this though. We've been staying in a one bedroom until our 2 bedroom is ready, which will be tomorrow. I'll take pictures of the inside once we're in... there are some funny things to tell about!!
Until then...


  1. Yeah you made it! It looks amazing. I loved your email too. I totally told Jason the story and we were both laughing at cute little Tate! She is so cute. I miss her so much. London and Canyon (isn't that how she says Camden? Or something similar?) are going to love the model pose of hers! Love ya!!

  2. Ever since your e mail I have been coming to your blog every day to see if you've gotten there and... YaY... you have!! I have so much to say but I won't over my comment b/c it could go on forever! ;)

    I will say... I laughed sooo freaking hard about Tate and "give me a to ticket to Dominica!" Love her, how classic is that!! And I'm sorry, but her keens are pretty cool! They are really cute... she is just like you and can rock anything!

    More details about your house k?! They always say the first bit in any change is the hardest but it will seem like nothing when you look back on it! I did have a laugh when you talked about you dripping b/c I just thought what my hair would look like... lol... now that just wouldn't be right! ;) K well this is already super long and I don't want to stop... I'm just so excited for you guys and can't wait till your next post! I'll e mail you but call me soon k! Love & miss you!

  3. You are one brave chica! What an adventure your cute little family is going to have!!!

  4. Glad you guys made it! What an adventure! Stay safe

  5. you made it! I love your cute post- Tate is ADORABLE! she does make life so much more fun! What would you do without her? The beginning is a little rough and then there are random rough days- but soon you will be so happy! also think of how much more you are going to LOVE the US when you get home- the residency life will be a huge step up!

  6. I can't believe you have had energy to post about all of this already. You're amazing. Everything that you're going through is exactly how we felt. I thought we would never feel comfortable and please don't worry, you'll get comfortable in a few weeks, it takes a minute though. (James store still grosses me out, however)

  7. What an adventure! Hope you are getting settled in and continuing to adjust.

  8. Oh man. I'm shell shocked for you. Those roads and stores and heat and everything else sound like a lot to adjust to. But, one day at a time, right???

    Thanks for keeping us posted and for providing some laughter with Tate's HILARIOUS story. Love her and her monies and I agree with Jen: her Keens are actually pretty cute. She makes 3rd world look fashionable.

    Just love you and am praying for you.

  9. Chelsea you are so brave! Don't worry though, I bet in a few weeks it will feel more like home. Does your house have A/C? I hope so. Tate is so darling and funny! Hang in there!XOXO

  10. You are a trooper and the best wife I know!! Can't wait to hear about each adventure and vicariously live through each experience with you!

    I've always loved your blog but I will now be waiting for each post!!

  11. OH my goodness what a trip. It seems so crazy that, that is where you are going to be living. Despite how 3rd world it is I'm sure that you will enjoy the smiple things so much more! Good luck and just enjoy it!

  12. oh my gosh Tate is hilarious!!! She is so stinkin cute! WE are glad you guys made it safe and sound!!

  13. What an adventure. If anyone could make a backpack and keens look stylish it would be you.

  14. I'm speechless! Chels you will make it just take it moment by moment. Just remeber 10 years down the road you will love, and I'm sure laugh, looking back on these memories and remebering how this adventure started. We miss you so much. Tate's keens are so adroable. She is just a mini you! I love her airport story. I am so glad you got there safely. I can't wait to see all your future posts. xoxo

  15. Okay I can't wait to come and check this all out for myself. (Now that we aren't moving we need to plan our trip to come visit you guys!) When would be the best time for us to come? I'm thinking maybe spring sometime. When does Wy start school? Keep posting stories and pictures. I want to hear every detail!

  16. Oh my goodness! I too have been checking your blog to get the latest updates. And I think I started to sweat just reading this post. I missed you today when I had to call around to borrow some eggs...

  17. Your positive attitude will be what makes the difference with your experience. The year will go by really fast and you will have the most awesome stories to tell for the rest of your life. Plus think how strong you will grow as people and as a family. When you are away from family you realize just how strong your own little family is. Good Luck and have fun.


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