We survived our first week!

posted on: 8.30.2009

Thanks to our new friends, the Fredericks, we've been able to lots of fun things around the island. They rented a car for the week and have been nice enough to invite us on some of their island adventures! For our day 6, we all went snorkeling at Champagne Bay (yes, I did snorkel and quite enjoyed myself:). After we stopped off at Scotts Head to look at the great view... and well, you'll see what we ended the night with!
The snorkeling bay is called Champagne because of all the bubbles that rise up from the reefs, it's really quite cool!

me and tate waiting for our turn... melissa & anyone else who was dying to see me sporting my keens here they are! Don't worry you'll get plenty of shots of these beauts in this post:)

tate and emmy- the Fredericks beautiful little girl

and yes, those really are her eyes!

another black sand beach- I'm starting to become a fan!

This was totally not a 'lay out and bask in the sun' kind of beach though, unless you wanted to lay on all those mossy rocks.

Scotts Head was absolutely beautiful I thought! It's at the Southern most tip of the island and there is about a 2 lane road that seperates the Caribbean sea, from the Atlantic- very cool!

tate checkin out the bay... can you even imagine this girls delight when she saw all those free rocks to play with! pure heaven.

Jason hiked to the top of the mountain for us and took these pictures... after seeing them I'm SO sad I didn't walk up there too! On the left is the Caribbean Sea, and on the right is the Atlantic.

Liz, Emmy, & Jason Frederick- our tour guides/island buddies!

not quite sure why there is a cannon up there? Obviously some old war site... or probably to ward off pirates!!
On our way home we wanted to stop off and have some local food, so we picked this place... look at the view from the deck we ate on!
The funny thing is, this was not even a nice restaurant- this view is basically what everyone has because everything is perched up on a hill.

When we sat down the sweet owner/cook/cashier/dishwasher (probably) came to "take our order". We asked if she offered a menu, and she replied, "what do you want, I can make chicken and I can make fish"? We decided on fish and we got exactly what we asked for...

whole fish, fried up and served on a platter! 
see the eyeballs?! We were all so hungry though so we just dove right in, and it was actually pretty good! She did bring out a sauce to drizzle over it (which I later found out was goat parts!)

Are you serious? Yes, we passed this local just walking home with his catch of the day! Look how BIG that thing is! It was so funny to see him casually carrying that thing down the street. The even crazier part is he caught it on a line.. and they don't use fishing poles, they just tie fishing wire to sticks!
It was such a fun day, and I feel like we got to see & experience a lot of the island. The more I see, the more I like! I can't wait for our next adventure, as I'm sure it'll be equally as fun! Things are definitely looking up. The longer I'm here the more I like it. I'm hoping that will continue and that I won't have the warned about "2nd week breakdown"! I'm thinking I'm just a quick learner though, because I had that breakdown on day 2!! haha.
ps- we saw a lizard in our house tonight and we can't find him!! i don't know that i'll be able to sleep:(


  1. Once again so dreamy! All except the fried fish with goat guts! Hope you left her a good tip. Ha Ha! I am so happy you are having so much fun. I am really jealous! Oh and we are going to mail Tate a little something tomorrow so tell her to keep an eye out for it! Love and miss ya!

  2. So beautiful! I can't wait to go down there and see it! And I'm so glad to hear that the fish was good, it looks positively disgusting. Fun, fun pictures though!

  3. wow. that fish was the largest thing i've ever seen. i'm so proud of you for eating the fish and the goat sauce. the adventures just keep coming!! miss you! i'll be calling you shortly :)

  4. So cool to see you discovering your adventurous side! What a life you get to have there..I'm totally jealous. I bet Ryan would have been dying at the chance to catch fish that big! Tate looks so cute, and very happy.. I heard about Tate and Ella's first skype playdate last night! We'll have to have more of those.

  5. I love getting the update...keep it coming! The views look amazing. I hope there are lots of little lizards on the walls of your abode. You'll all have less bug bites! xoxo

  6. love the keens...thanks for the pic. your backdrop is just so beautiful. i feel like you are on an extended vaca! tate looks like she is adjusting just fine. hang in there. xo

  7. I seriously can't stop laughing at the cooked fish, that is AWESOME! Ok let's be honest though what a beautiful place, I absolutely love reading your posts because I can live vicariously through you. It looks and sounds amazing. P.S. hopefully you find the lizard,I would definitely have nightmares of that thing running across my face in the night (ha ha ha!)

  8. yeah! what a fun post- loved it! I want to just copy and paste your blog to mine- you write to enjoyably. (spelling?) :)

  9. as I knew you would!!

    And love you the keens! Who knows you just might wear them once you get back too! :)

    Miss you!

  10. I am so happy you are adjusting and have found fun, cute friends. I love the rock picture of Tate. Londyn and Tate have twinner hearts! Not only that but she has the cutest little snuggie ever!!! Your life looks like it has become an extra long vacation and such a fun adventure. I hope your second week is just as good as the first and no breakdowns. The fish would totally creep me out but good thing you are a major sushi lover!!!:) It looks like you can have lots of it for a tenth of the price(if you can even call it that)!!!!!
    Keep the posts and updates coming!
    Love and miss you guys xoxoxoxo

    PS~I still love your header!


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