posted on: 8.21.2009

Sometimes I hate technology... why does it mess up? I lost a lot of photos... good photos! Photos of my family's goodbye bbq, my girlfriend dinner at trio, and another at Dodo! I wish I could share them with everyone and have them to look back on (since they'll be the last for a while), but they're gone. Damn.
Well, thanks mom and dad for the fabulous bbq... it was so much fun! We will miss family dinners in the backyard every Sunday. Thanks friends for sharing one last meal at Trio with me and for the generous goodbye book- I'm so lucky to have all of you as friends and I will miss you all SO much! Thanks Dru, Sam and Rach for yet again a great night- even though I know the girls nights will go on without me, they won't be the same right? No strip clubs until I get back, okay... haha! (just wanted to see if you were reading dad:)
The pictures that didn't get deleted were of good times also....
Sushi for dinner with some of our best friends the Allreds, and Greens. We went at 7, and left after midnight... that's how much we all like each other! I wouldn't have it any other way. It's not often you meet great couples like these ones and we feel so lucky to have them as friends and will really miss nights like these!
Dodo with Jen! My dear friend Jen who saw me & Tate at Porcupine, emailed her friend about this little girl who was wearing a cute flower on her helmet at Porcupine, the friend just happened to know it was me, then I got a sweet comment on my blog from this girl named Jen... and now she's one of my best friends! Thanks to Tate's helmet and to blogging we've become such close friends and I will miss her immensely!


  1. Tate's party looked so fun. So sad we had to be sick!

    And the girls nights will go on, but they will never be the same! We will try not to do anything too scandalous with out you and we'll remember the good stories to tell you!

  2. Chels I was thinking about you this morning wondering how the travel down went, so decided to get on your blog. You and your family are definitly loved and will be missed sooooo much. I am so sorry about the pics but I don't think you will ever forget those memories. I love the pic of sushi. That was one of the best nights and we are really going to miss our date nights of closing out restraunts. We love you guys and maybe somehow someway we will make it down there to visit...I want to soooo bad.

  3. I love that you and Jen have become such great friends. And I love that I am the friend that introduced you. LOL! Gotta love you some Brown Suga. Love all the pictures. Good Luck on your adventures. You are going to make so many great memories. Lexi Ray

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