Tate's farewell party!

posted on: 8.21.2009

I think it's safe to say everyone had a blast at Tate's going away party! We invited all her friends over for a last hurrah and just soaked up the sun in the backyard. I could tell Tate was in heaven having all her cousins, neighbors, & playgroup friends all in the same place at once! I'm so glad everyone was able to come, and even though Tate can't express it I think she really loved being able to play with her friends once more...until December!
It's so great to see your child play with and have lots of friends... she loves them all so much and they love her! I know she will miss them A LOT!
Jaxon, Londyn, and Tate enjoying a post party sucker:) Tiffany, me, Danielle (also great friends!)
saying goodbyes to Abby(her one and only, Abby:)
goodbye kisses to Gracie
and a big goodbye kiss to Ella- Tate's best friend and cousin who she loves soooooooo much the only way to express it is scream for joy when she sees her:)
Eliza Mae... enjoying the slide! Oh, how we'll all miss seeing that smile and chubba thighs!
Sydney and Georgia (2 of the 3 Hathaway girls who for sure made the best next door neighbors and who loved playing with Tate!)
Cole- Tate's cousin who she mimicks all the time!
Tate and Gracie (this was the point when I walked over and heard Tate telling Gracie that if she didn't come with her, she'd need to go to time out!) Good thing she's her cousin, or she may not love to play anymore:)
Avie & Eliza. Can't tell you how many times Tate asks to see Avie & Eliza. One is older, one younger- and both great friends to Tate!
Tate and Ella
Baby Beckham- Tate's long distance friend who she loves and will be best buds with someday:) right cass?
are you serious... that smile! We will all miss Abby!
Cousin Dave, ruling the pool!
James lovin on Tate! What I didn't catch on camera were the 15 kisses exchanged between the two of them upon departure.
a little mango sorbet
Andrea, Ethan, Nora, and Tess
It was only 95 outside, so we thought we better let the kids get in the hottub to warm up a bit!
Fraziers and Hathaways enjoying lunch
Marie, Holli, and Amy- great neighborhood friends who I have loved getting to know!
Annie :( miss you!
Thanks to all who could come, really it meant so much to me and to Tate. We have both loved your friendship and will miss playing with you all SO MUCH!!!


  1. I can see you guys are having tons of fun before you leave. What a lot of fun posts! I love the new header on the blog. Looking forward to having you join our group of friends! We'll see you tomorrow!

  2. we had a goodbye party too! so so fun :) call me when you get here and we can play! hooray :)

  3. Hey Chelsea. I don't know if you remember me, Lisa Kimball, but I was talking to Sam tonight and she told me she knew you. I went to high school with her husband. Your little girl is so cute. I also love your clips. I didn't know that was you. I tried to order some right when you were finishing selling them. I'll need to check again. Anyway, good luck on moving I'll have to check your blog. Mine is off Sam's. benandlisagrimm.blogspot.com. Take care!

  4. Stop. I have been reading all of you posts I've missed the last couple days about all the goodbyes. I don't think it sunk in until now. Shoot. I hope you are finally there after the crazy flights. I LOVE that Tate tried to pay the airline a penny! Keep us posted!
    PS this is Holli-not Bug commenting:)


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