Sometimes. Always. Never

posted on: 8.08.2009

I Always...
- wash my face before bed
- drink a diet coke for lunch
- eat breakfast the second I get up
- wear my slippers when I'm home
- will want to go out to eat
I Sometimes... (this one is really hard for me, I'm a black/white kind of gal:)
- wake up before 9am
- paint my toe nails
- lay awake for an hour before falling asleep
- don't answer my phone or the front door
- crave a starbucks mocha frappuccino
I Never...
- watch scary movies
- will pass up on dessert
- watch the news
- brush my teeth at night (sorry, i'm a morning and mid day brusher:)
- take a lemon or lime in my diet coke


  1. OK, I love this post. Never watch scary movies? C'mon Chelsea - you have to just to entertain us!

  2. Fun things to know about you!

  3. We are going to be best friends- I can feel it :)

  4. Cute Chelsea...I love that sometimes you just dont get the front too. And I love that you'll never pass on dessert....that's my girl!

  5. OH MY GOSH I love your costco cart, I'm with you there is nothing like loading up your cart at costco, but for 4 months that is awesome. Love the smoetimes, always, never so fun!

  6. come on. what do i have to do to experience the joy of watching a scary movie with chels? i'm so sad that made the never column. i love this post! i want to do it now.

  7. Tate's quote about you freaking out is classic and hysterical. I'm sad - I really don't know Tate well. But, I guess I do always feel like I do through your posts. So, I guess that's good. She is a crack up.

  8. Ask me my sometime... I don't want to say over this... some people might think I'm too naughty!! ha ha!

    I do love that you are a slipper wearer... I couldn't live without them!

    p.s. I'm texting you! :)

  9. So do you wake up with the nastiest breath ever?? That is so funny that you don't brush your teeth at night. I'm opposite...sometimes I skip the morning if I'm in a hurry and just grab gum. Totally sick I know. Keep blogging and entertaining us while you're in Dominca, okay?


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