Packed, Shipped, and (almost) Received!

posted on: 8.04.2009

In case any of you were curious... all the 450 books and over 50 toys were shipped in these barrels 2 weeks ago. They should be arriving in Dominica on Wednesday!! I'm so excited for them to be received, opened, and used! I still can't believe that it all came together... such a random idea and look how it took off! There was a moment when I thought to myself " am I going to be able to afford to send all this stuff?" I got SO many donations, that I was worried I wouldn't have the funds to cover the shipping. When I called the shipping company to get a quote it was about $300 more than what I had raised. Shoot! I had just decided that I started it, and I was going to finish it, even if that meant digging more into my own pocket. I'll admit, I was a little stressed, but still the end result was my focus, and that meant getting those donations to Dominica. So I called, made the arrangements for shipping, and crossed my fingers that they weighed less than I thought:) I got the final bill a couple days ago, and turns out it came within just a couple dollars of what I had raised! Amazing, right.
I still can't believe it all worked out so smoothly. I feel I have to thank everyone again! You know who you are, if you donated anything.... THANK YOU SO MUCH! Think of how excited those kids are going to be to get new things:) It'll make their week I'm sure!


  1. You didn't send that many barrels, did you? I still think you are amazing to think of doing such a thing. I'm sure you'll do even more once you get here! See you soon!

  2. Hey Chels, when you get there, do you think you will be able to go to the school and see the kids and take pictures of them using all the donations? That would be awesome to see the results from the donations!

  3. Chels, I am so amazed that you went through all that effort. I know it was stressful and not easy, but I am so glad you did that! WAY TO GO! And we need to go to our GNO! I will send out an email tomorrow...


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