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posted on: 8.07.2009

My To-Do-List is shrinking, and that's made for a fun week! Of course last night there was the much anticipated SYTYCD Finale at my parents, and it was a blast! All my fellow dancing watching friends (and other super cool ones:) came to chill, eat, and watch the results.
I think we all came to a conclusion that Jeanine would win, although she wasn't the best technical dancer, and she did! It was so much more fun to watch it with other fans of the show & we missed those that couldn't come!
Heidi, Katie, Jen, Jenny & Sam, me, Annie, Kristin enjoying the show! (sorry gals about the worst picture in the world:) Also accomplished this week was the dreaded Costco shopping trip! Well, Wyatt was dreading it. I was actually pumped! I've certainly never bought that much in my life, so for a shopping enthusiast as myself, it was pure heaven:) Basically we needed 4 months worth of everything we know we'll want down there, that we can't get down there, such as.... 4 boxes of diaper and wipes, endless supply of ziploc bags (to keep the ants away from our food), some classic american treats like brownies, and hot tamales. 8 boxes of double bagged cereal, fishy crackers, animal crackers, apple chips, sunblock, lotion, shampoo & conditioner and who knows what else! We looked like a couple of polygamist's buying so much stuff... good thing we aren't because I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be able to afford this total on a regular basis....
$1,048.86 !!!
Last weekend we headed up to the Park City Arts Festival with Wyatt's family. We both decided we love doing stuff like that! It was nice and cool up there, and so fun to walk around admiring the art. It's so interesting to see what ideas come out of people's brains... like this giant blue metal horse?!
We took the shuttle from the resort to Main St, and Tate was tickled pink about riding on a bus! She sang "wheels on the bus" the whole way!
Luckily my list is shrinking, and I just may get everything on there checked off! So far, Rio & Paradise have been checked... with plans in place for Tsunami, Porcupine, and Cheesecake with friends next week! We can also check off the Zoo, lunch at Wyatt's work, BBQ's wih friends, gno's... and the Bees Game next week!


  1. first of all- I LOVE your posts- they are so fun
    second- the food pics are torture!
    third- I wanted to watch the SYTYCD finale- but don't worry that was the day the power was off for 6 plus hours and that knocked out the cable for the rest of the night-- ANGER!!!! only to be intensified by the fact that I wanted Brandon to win... the good news- we can have a party here for this next season- hooray!!! you are the only other fan on the island so far :)

  2. Ok how in the world are you getting all that there? the barrels? Holy smokes I can't wait to sit back and read up on your adventures!

  3. Chelsea, you are quite a little hostess...It was so fun seeing you girls, even if I wasnt in the whole SYTYCD loop:) I am dying about the costco shopping spree...will it cost you another $1000 to ship it there?

  4. You really are wonder woman.

  5. What? I think that picture is great of me! ;) That really was such a fun night. Thanks for hosting (in your parent's beautiful home!). The more Chelsea time i get in the next couple of weeks the better.


  6. Oh what a fun night SYTYCD was b/c of your hosting skills!! I think I got a belly ache from all that good crap I ate... it was sure worth it though! :) Love Tate in the picture!

    I still can't get over Costco! I actually think that is a pretty good price though for 4 months, don't you?!

    Ok and no real shocker here, but Tate looks so adorable for the P.C. festival! I love her more and more each encounter!

    Can't wait for next week! I freaking LOVE you Chels!!

  7. chelsea... the costco trip... that looks like a pretty good deal... all of that for a 1000$ bucks???? really... it makes me want to go there and see what i can get for that.


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