Goodbye Dinner with Horsley's

posted on: 8.21.2009

We said our goodbyes to Wyatt's family earlier this week... we will really really miss these dinners! It's always my favorite time spent with the family.
Yes, those are all my 6 sisters in law and mother in law!!
The elders... Erin, Dori and Andrea:) Matt (Maddie's husband) and Wyatt... they have such a special bond and will surely go through withdrawls being apart for so long! Eve and Wy Dru and me... don't have too many gno's without me!
Some of the men... Rolfe, matt, wy, tyler, matt
Thanks, as always, for such a nice dinner! I love that even though we have a monstrous family we still get together all the time, and I always have such a great time! I can't tell you how much I will miss these outings, Sunday dinners, plays, walks, girls trips, and all the other fun things that will go on with out me:(
I love you!


  1. i totally have tears in my eyes reading these last few posts you have done. especially the one about your sis and your lunches! that would for me be the hardest thing to leave behind. my blessed fam. but i'm so excited for your little family. i can't wait to hear all about the island. i think our gno's are going to be extremely sad without you we may just have to postpone them until you get back. :)


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