Day 4 and 5

posted on: 8.28.2009

Day 4 was our first outing with friends and it was a blast! The Fredericks took us & the Lunts over to Toucarie Bay for a day at the beach! The bay was so beautiful, like out of a storybook. 
The sea is so calm here, the picture below shows how big the waves are!
It's still fascinating for me to see how the locals live. They are just swimming- no big deal, but I thought it was cool how they just grabbed coconuts off the beach, broke them open and started drinking! (that's what they are holding). And from what I've seen this is rare to see most of them in swimsuits (one girl is in her undies, and that's how most of them do it!)
The men with babes.... Wy & Tate, Bryce & Lucy, and Jason & Emmy.
Jason and Liz Frederick have a little girl who is 9 months named Emmy, and I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of her- she is such a doll!
Bryce and Paige have little Lucy, who is 3 and Tate's little buddy, and Logan (who is about a year I think??). We're so glad to have met these families and we're sure they'll become our island family in no time! Making cool friends has made all the difference already!
Tate and Lucy! At first Tate was timid about playing in the ocean, but good thing Lucy was not because it made Tate want to join in on the fun!
I usually am not a big ocean swimmer- it really creeps me out to think about what's in there. But, it's just too hot here to sit on the beach and once I got in it was actually heavenly!
Tate and Lucy enjoying some pbj
As they were eating they were just chatting away... who knows what they were talking about but it made me so happy to know that Tate has a little friend.
This is Toucarie Bay- all the beaches here are black sand because of the volcanic rocks.
Isn't it just picturesque!
Day 5 we spent at the local beach- PBH 
This is the door that we exited to get to the beach... so neat I think!
Tate has been such a happy clam! Every day it's been the beach or pool and she is in total heaven!
This is PBH- it's the beach right off campus and also down from the pool, so it's the one we'll be at every day I'm sure. I guess the dock got destroyed in the last hurricane, so they're rebuilding it. I can't wait until it's done to jump off into the sea!
Pat- these are the Picard Beach Cottages that you and Rolfe will probably want to stay in. They are right on the beach and although small they look cool.
Yesterday we were the only ones there which was dreamy... it was like our own private beach! This is Tate and Wy out in the ocean and it seems like they have the place to themselves!
I've been told these are rather large waves, due to the storm that just came through:) They're still only about 6 inches.
Tate loved playing in the black sand and actually wanted to get her hands dirty?!
we think this picture is hilarious... like Tate is in some kind of water ballet with her toes pointed and perfect!
I swear her hair is already getting lighter...right?!


  1. K I actually don't feel bad for you guys anymore! Those beaches are BEAUTIFUL!!! How fun to have a beach so close. I'm envious. Tate is looking so cute as usual...and yes, her hair does look really blonde!! It looks like it's just getting better day after day.

  2. i'm SO glad you guys have met such darling families already! what a relief! taters is just the sweetest thing and not only does her hair look lighter, she looks older! what a beautiful girl she is!! the beaches honestly look like paradise. don't worry, i'm not at all jealous as i'm sitting here at work for 8 hours a day. not at all.

  3. So, there's the answer to all your problems....stay at those beautiful beaches all day and out of your hot, bug infested house!! Tate looks so adorable...and trult happy as a clam! Love the crinkle nose pic and the water/air ballet!

  4. I loved Toucari Bay too! I'm glad you are having so much fun already! Keep it up!

  5. Oh my gosh i want to live there it seriously looks like paradise. Love the flying ballarina picture.

  6. Okay, I'm done feeling sorry for you. Sorry Chels...sympathy gone. It's gorgeous and who wouldn't love a private beach. I want to stay in those private cottages, how cute!! I'm so happy you've made some friends and things seem to be falling into place. Love and miss you all.

  7. Yay for friends and a few days at the beach! Tate looks like she is in heaven and those pictures are as cute as can be. What a doll. Glad things are looking up. Always anxious for your updates.


    miss you

  8. I love your pictures!!! They are so beautiful! Bryce and I were laughing so hard at the ballerina one of Tate. She is just adorable, we are so glad you guys are here, what a party!

  9. Keep these posts coming! I just love them! And that place looks so dreamy!!

  10. Oh, I am sooo glad you ALL are finding friends! Not that I wouldn't expect that with your charm! I'm getting a little jealous of all this beach time... what the life! Tate looks so grown and yes, so much more a blonde bombshell now! Seriously all I know is what would we do without blogs at this moment... keep posting chica!


    p.s. It is pretty much a crime that you look like that right out of the shower! This Dominca thing is really workin for you! :)

  11. I'm so glad you guys arrived safely. Looks like you're finding something positive in a very new and rough experience. I love all the new updates. Good luck with the continued adjustment, and keep the cute posts coming.

  12. making friends makes it so much easier to move. looks like you are in a dreamland. it is so pretty there. wyatt is such a darling the photo of him and tate walking into the water. love the curly doo too! you look gorgeous. xo

    can you please post a picture of you and the keens? tates are so cute!:)

  13. So glad you guys are getting adjusted and making friends! It looks so beautiful there- it reminds us of St. Croix.. We miss you guys already! Hope you keep having a good time exploring!

  14. Hi Cute Chels! What a life! Seriously. Happy to see and hear that island life is becoming easy for you.
    Tate looks beautiful and how wonderful that she gets to experience part of her childhood on paradise. Can't wait to keep visiting your blog to see what else I can be jealous about.
    Take care - Hilda

  15. Okay I was TOTALLY thinking that before I got to the end of your post. YES, Tate does look blonder. A lot blonder! She is so cute. Glad you have discovered the beach and that the sea water really is fun. Tate is not going to know what to do with herself when you get back to land-locked Utah.

  16. Tate is GORGOEOUS!! My most favorite Ocean Ballerina- so so cute- I loved everything.

  17. hi- ok so I was just listening in on Jason's convo with his mom (of course I was) and he was describing your family and this is what I heard about you "Liz has a new best friend named Chelsea- she's really great- they love each other and basically they would marry each other if they could" I feel like marriage is going a bit too far but I really am so so happy you are here!

  18. Seriously I think these are some of the best pictures you've posted of Tate ever! I don't know if it's the exotic location or what, but she just looks so happy to me!! Enjoy! We miss you!


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