Day 3... better

posted on: 8.25.2009

Day 3 has proved to be much better! I only had one breakdown (I was hot, hungry, and rushed, which is a deadly combo for me:)
We spent the morning hanging out around the house- which we now know isn't the best idea. It's just too small and too hot. After lunch we joined up with some new friends and celebrated a birthday party. It was great to meet some new fun people, get more familiar with things, and hang out in free AC for a while! Wyatt was a bit in shock at how my mood changed around so drastically when I had a little food in my system, a drink, and AC! That's really all I need sometimes:) I am truly a miserable person to be around when I'm hot. Better change that flaw quickly or Wyatt may be shipping me back home:)
My parents asked to see some of the campus, so here are some pictures for them...
This picture above is the road leading into campus
This is the main road- where everything branches off- our road is up a bit to the right, and the school is behind us on the left.
You didn't know our apartment came with a baptismal font? huh. Well, it does & it's fabulous!! 
You really can't get the full scale of this shower/pool that we have- it's so big! It's really just a tiled room that's set 2 steps into the ground. It's about 10 feet long, by 6 feet wide! So far, we've spent a TON of time in here (not what you're thinking:), but just to cool off after we've been out. A nice long cold shower has never felt so good!
Tate thinks it's great and ALWAYS wants to play in there. If the waters not on, she's in there with her doll stroller and other toys, and if the waters on she just chills and splashes around. It's a good thing we don't have to pay for our water, because today I think we had it running for about an hour... Tate didn't want to get out! (ps- check out that gals tan line:)
She gets a kick out of just letting the water run over her face!
her totally fake "okay I'm smiling for the camera mom" face!
I know this is completely unsightly and way too close up for comfort... but I just wanted to prove just how hot it is here. This is just about 3 minutes after my cold shower!! Check out those sweat beads:)
(family- this was totally one of those "look at my face... it is like dripping" moments:)
One of the few restaurants we're sure we'll dine at... doesn't it look so inviting?!
One of our many visitors hanging out on our porch. I think we could count 10 lizards in 10 minutes- they're everywhere! It's so creepy when you walk down the street, you're just constantly hearing things scurrying away into the jungle... I just wonder how many things are lurking in there? Actually, I try not to think about it.
Here's to hoping day 4 is even better!


  1. I love the post! Chels you are seriously gorgeous...sweat beads and all, you are still stunning. Love the pics of tate in the font! Her little white bum is the cutest. It looks beautiful there but I imagine it to be a lot like Josh's mission when I went back with him....pretty in pictures but much different in real life. Hang in there girl! Josh just came in and said he is reminds him of the mission!

  2. i can't believe you are already posting. i expected you not to have internet. i am still trying to catchup from july and you are in another country and up to date, but so glad that you are there and looking so gorgeous!
    love the photos, love the hair, love that bum! missing you and hoping day 4 is will be!!xo

  3. I could die the shower pics are so cute- I'm so happy to be able to say that Tate is even cuter in person! Is it possible? I thought not. :)

  4. So glad you are adjusting well. Its amazing what some food and friends will do for your attitude. Mitch ALWAYS knows when I'm hungry because I start getting a little ticked off. Good luck with everything. Your cute dad came over Monday night to witness Dieter's blessing, so he caught me up on you guys. Tate is adorable...ONE day we'll have to get Finn and Tate together to play. Maybe you guys can transfer to USC or UCLA! I can hope right!!

  5. wow!! i'm SO happy to see pictures. you have to keep documenting everything because it's just fascinating to see! the baptismal font just got me laughing. that's hysterical. it literally is a locker room sized shower. i'm sure taters does love spending time in there. so glad your 3rd day was better!! and that you've already made some good friends! miss you!! love ya.

  6. What would we do without your posts?!! It's so fun to see you and hear everything, and you are sooo good at keeping us up to date! Love your sweat beads, love Tate's cute tan line and bum-I can say that cuz I'm gramma:)Love you all and miss you tons, but this helps so much! I'm thinking it probably helps you too:)Have a great day 4!

  7. Okay I love the picture of you. I can totally see you saying, "See I'm like dripping. Somebody get a picture of this." Oh...and Tate is the cutest thing under the sun.

  8. Oh I am loving the pictures and I cannot get over how BEAUTIFUL Tate is getting. She always has been beautiful, but oh my she is stunning! I love that face of hers. And I am jealous of her tan line. Can you say Coppertone Baby? And your looking good too just out of the shower...even with the sweat beads.

  9. Oh bless you girl! I absolutely hate being hot. Mix that with hungery and tired and I am not pretty! It sounds like you are hanging in there! You are a lot braver than I am! Good luck with the rest of your transition!

  10. This is so amazing super woman!!! I'm so excited for you. And dang girl, you look smokin' hot just out of the shower! Love this adventure - post lots more, please!

  11. Chels!! I am excited for you. The pictures are so beautiful. I miss you!!

  12. Chelsea...YOU MADE IT!! I cannot believe that you are just living in Dominica! It looks so fun...especially that shower, Tate is so stinkin' cute. I really am totally jealous of your experience, and living by the beach:) We miss you, keep your posts coming.

  13. Hi Wyatt, Chelsea and of course Tate:
    Just want you to know that I'm thinking of all 3 and your new adventures in DR. Chelsea - try not to think about things that might lurk and go bump in the night. I know it's hard.....(grin)

  14. I have been waiting for this!! Love all the pictures and you are going to have the time of your life. Hard to think that now but so fun and I am way jealous!


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