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posted on: 7.30.2009

We've got a lot to cram into these next 3 weeks! We checked off Wyatt's 10 year reunion this weekend (along with possibly the funniest movie I've ever seen), so we're off to a good start! Here's a list of more things I hope to do before we take off...
Eat at...
Em's patio (salmon)
Market Street (Steak)
Purple Sage (Butternut Squash ravioli)
Five Guys (cheeseburger & fries)
Tsunami (DTH, Cococabana, & Jenny roll)
Rio (pork salad)
Eggs in the City (french toast)
Red Iguana (mole)
Paradise with Boo (Sante Fe Salad & oatmeal chippers)
Cheescake Factory ( Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes)
Porcupine (Fish Tacos)
Wow- I'm going to be putting on some LB's by the time I get down there:)
To Do...
Lagoon- preferrably with the Greens:) (this might be a long shot, but I love this place!)
See Time Travelers Wife (coming out August 14th I think)
BBQ's & Gno's with friends & family
Boating with Powers
Park City Arts Festival
Swimming at the Tennis Club (this one's easy as I do it 3 times a week:)
Movie and camping in the backyard
Lunch w/ Wyatt at work
Children's museum (anyone want to come?)
Zoo (anyone want to come?)
Bees Game
Dinner up the canyon
What else am I leaving out, that I'll sure miss when I'm gone?


  1. we want to come to the zoo and museum for sure. This coming week is crazy...but for sure the week after! We are always here and ready to play!

  2. Your list looks pretty good. Though I might add Cinnamon French Toast at Kneaders. Ever had it? SO yummy.

    We'd love to be involved in any of the activities: swimming, Discovery, Zoo, food, whatever!

    Dying to hear the scoop from the Oly reunion.


  3. So what was the funniest movie? It sounds like a lot of good food that I would love to eat with you so please enjoy it for the both of us!

  4. hi! NEVER make a to do EAT list that I can read again unless you are bringing a Take home box of each of those items to Dominica for me- seriously though-- EAT up everything you love now- you'll lose the weight here!

  5. Is it really for real you are leaving!?!??! I've been secretly hoping somehow someway it wouldn't happen. I think I'm still in denial about this. I'm so bummed I missed the reunion. You have to tell me all about it. I got Josh's version but I want yours. So Lagoon...I want to go so bad! Is their enough time? It seems like life for us and you is so busy right now. We will have to talk about it. But can we eat at cheesecake with you guys and sushi? You know that you have totally converted me to the sweet tamale corn cakes! What will we do when we go to these places and you guys aren't around to call:( Oh Chels, Wy and Tate please don't go.

  6. Porcupine and bread pudding with ME!! :)

    I am dying to know about the 10 yr too! And what was this funniest movie you saw?

    You and Tate have got to go to Beyond Glaze over by us... you'll love them if you appreciate a good doughnut!

    Gosh, I love you Chels!! I think it's March not August by the way so you have some time! ;)

  7. oh I would love to go to either the childrens museum or the zoo with you!!!

  8. Great list, I'm so impressed with your moving organization skills! We'd love to do as many with you as you can stand. We're definitely hoping to make it to some of the swimming appts, but I'm also hoping the ZOO would work out, I hear there's a new baby giraffe that is so cute at 6 ft tall and grows about an inch a day, so we'd better hustle over before it's all grown up!

  9. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. So fun to hear from you. Your friend's photography is BEAUTIFUL! I hope I get to meet her. Thanks for the heads up.

    Hope you are doing well.

  10. Oh man....I remember this time last year, such a wave of mixed emotions! You'll miss the strangest things, starting with the SEASONS! Good luck...I'm excited for you guys.

  11. mmm...if you need anyone to go with to any of those restaurants give me a call!!

  12. want to trade lives? for real.

  13. We would love to come to any/all of your to-do list that is left! :)


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