Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

posted on: 7.29.2009

It was our first ball game of the season, and Tate's first ball game ever! Despite the hot weather, it didn't disappoint. We had a blast chillin on the grass, people watching, chatting, eating hot dogs & ice cream, riding the train.... oh and watching a bit of the game too.
what it's like to watch a game with 3 little girls wanting your attention instead!
My (barely) older brother, Ryan, Boo, and Me
cute Gracie loved the grass hill- it kept all 3 girls entertained the whole night!
It was so hot in fact, Tate got a little heat exhaustion I think and threw up her hot dog! No biggie... I just held her over the nearest trash can, wiped her face off, and she was right back to running around again:)
I can see why Baseball is the great american sport! It's a great way to spend a summer night, and it's on my list again of things to do before we leave!
Speaking of that... I'm making a list of things I'd like to do before we move. You know, activities and places to eat... Any Suggestions?


  1. You have got to eat at Gateway Grille in Kamas, it seems like it would be podunk but it is absolutely gourmet!

  2. That looks like a great place to watch the game. Wish we could have been there too!

  3. this is the best American past time there is-- soak it up girlfriend! great choice!


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