posted on: 7.20.2009

For the past 3 weeks we've spent every single weekday at the pool! Yes, Tate started her first swim lesson, and I'm so proud of her! Even though at first she was nervous, using the step as her comfort after each task, she couldn't wait to go back each day and never once complained! Her teacher Jesse was perfect for her and Tate will miss her so much!
The first couple lessons were more like warmups to get comfortable with the water... blowing bubbles, kicking ect.. As you see in the picture some kids (bottom left) were fearless! That is Oscar, and Tate copied everything he did- he was the leader in Tate's eyes.
practicing the starfish pose, which later they used when learning to float.
The highlight of these 3 weeks, beside the obvious learning to swim better, was seeing Simon! Tate is beyond in love with Simon, and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. These 2 were inseperable. They had a little routine after the lesson -they would share a towel to sit on and share their lunch with eachother. As they walked into and out of lessons, they would hold hands! I haven't yet told Tate that she might not see Simon for a while... she will be crushed. Who wouldn't... look at that kid! He's adorable and I'll miss him too.
floating and practicing "torpedo" arms
Finally putting her head under water all the way the last week of lessons- a HUGE accomplishment for her!
What a fun 3 weeks, I'm so sad they are over! Tate went to bed tonight saying "when I wake up, I get to go to swimming lessons!" I haven't told her that they're over yet? This poor girl, she's having to say goodbye to so many things lately.


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  2. How fun! I am nervous for the day I put my son in swim lessons. He hates it! AAH! Can I ask you where you got that cute shirt you had on the fourth of july. I need a red shirt for family pics! Thanks!

  3. Kate- shocker... the shirt is just from Old Navy!

  4. So cute! I need to get Finnley into Swim lessons...I just have to find a pool! :) Anyway, I usually do my collages in my digital scrapbooking program, but lately I've just been doing them in Picasa. You can download it free if you don't have it. Anyway, hope that helps! Good luck on the move...it'll be hard, hard, hard, but I PROMISE you'll end up loving it!

  5. yeah! she will need to be a great little swimmer by the time she gets here- and great work building up her tan you smart thing! :)

  6. Ayda looks like Justyna in the last picture doesn't she! So much that it scares me...cute but dangerous? Your little one is so darling and it looks like she's brave too. Love that!
    (This is Mags, not Adam)


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