Last night on Dearborn

posted on: 7.24.2009

{our last night in our home}
Our last night in our home was an interesting one. I had visions of having a picnic on the floor while reminiscing about all the great times we had there. Instead Wyatt and I spent the night killing somewhere around 75 tiny baby spiders on our ceiling! Yes, somehow a nest of baby spiders hatched in our house and were and crawling all over our family room and dining room ceiling- gross!! I'm itchy just thinking about it.
Looking back, I guess it was a good thing. It made me want to leave, and we didn't spend the night reminiscing.... which would have for sure left me in tears.
Since I'm alone right now I'll take this time to share the many things I'll miss about our home on Dearborn...
1. The tree in the front yard
2. The swing that it held and the joy it brought to Tate
3. The large windows that made it nice and sunny inside
4. The smell of Tate's room when she was sleeping... ahhhh
5. The creaks in the floor, especially on Wyatt's side of the bed
6. The shower
7. standing in the hallway and being able to see the entire house
8. driving up and seeing my garden bench
9. the Hathaways and Yoho's as neighbors and Tate's first friends
10. eating on the couch
11. late nights watching movies
12. Tate's room
13. stacking the pillows every night (or throwing them to Wyatt)
14. my closet room
15. listening to Wyatt play the piano by the window
16. looking out the windows at all the passerby's
17. knocks at the door from Olivia or "willia" as Tate calls her
18. Tate cruising down the driveway on her bike
19. Collecting rocks with Tate
20. making the garden our own
21. the kitchen faucet
22. the cozy feeling it had
We've been out for about 2 weeks now and it hasn't gotten any easier. I've been in the area a lot, but only had the courage to drive by it once. Tate yelled out with excitement, "it's my house!", and I cried. I felt jealous of the family getting to live there now- I would have enjoyed a few more years there.
Well 2498 Dearborn- thanks for being the best first home we could ever ask for, and thanks for being one of the sweetest memories our family will have!


  1. I've had the same feelings for our homes. So did you rent it or sell it? Look forward to all the wonderful adventures that await you in other homes :-)

  2. I guess I should be happy that owning a home is still a few years away for's harder to get sentimental about a little apartment! When do you guys leave? We must make time to hang before the our next adventures!

  3. I still have the hardest time picturing someone else living there. Once they were out using your felt weird. We will miss you too.

  4. All I have to say is that Tate looks like your husband's CLONE in that pic at least! how fun :)

  5. Oh Chelsea, reading this made me cry! today in primary, Olivia was asked who her favorite neighbor was and she said Tate Horsley! I think we will always imagine you guys living there. We love you and miss you - hope to see more of you before you leave!

  6. Harrison is going to miss his first little crush. I bet you didn't know that we have a book with a picture of a pretty lady on a horse and he told me that was Tate. He was adamant about it, I said are you sure and listed off a bunch of other pretty little girls and he said no, it's Tate. Cute, huh.

    First crush, we'll miss you guys!

  7. oh boy. i got teary eyed just reading this. i can't imagine what it's like living in salt lake and not being in your own home! sounds like you had a night like many days ty and i have had in our place......with the rotting dead pigeon. what joy it has brought us. i LOVE that picture of your little family. tate looks beautiful!!

  8. Oh Chels reading this makes me never want to leave our home. Good thing we've basically taken it off the market! I feel like the first place you own has so many memories and maybe it's so sentimental because owning your own home is a major step in life. Your post is so cute! I love all your memories. I'm glad the spider thing isn't a memory just a one timer thing(thank goodness on your last night)!!! Your house is so darling and just remember it's still yours for now.

  9. PS Tate yelling "that's my house" would bring me to tears also! Little kids are so cute and she definitely is a doll!

  10. Aidan our son still asks about our old home in Ashland, WI, it is hard to visit the town and when we do he always asks to drive by. It is hard not having a "Home", we have everything we own in storage and I can't wait until we can unpack maybe in 5 more years....

    I think we will be back in Dominica in September also, maybe we will meet :)

  11. Ok, I can't handle it.. the picture and your words... I have the biggest lump in my throat! I think it is a good thing though that all those spiders were there, it makes it a little easier to wanna get the heck outta there! ;) aaahhh! T minus ONE day... can't wait!

  12. so... sorry i totally read your blog... hope you don't mind again... but i just had to say... i totally was sad!!!! good luck with your new adventures... and i just had to say... that cute picture of your little family... well... miss tate looks alot like you!!!!! take care!


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