catch up

posted on: 7.07.2009

lots of catching up to do...

  1. Oakley rodeo
  2. 4th of July on the roof
  3. Tate's first swimming lessons
  4. family pictures
  5. the bachelorette.... um Wes?!?! What a freaking scum bag! (and SO glad Ed is back:)
  6. oh, and it's the last week in our house:( i am beyond sad
  7. That's all folks... stay tuned for pictures which is much more fun than this silly list.


  1. Oh I could shoot Wes! What a dork. HATE him! Can we get together to do a GNO soon?

  2. ooooh i can't wait for more pics! the family one you have posted on the side bar is AMAZING! i can't wait to see the rest. and you look beautiful in it, why are you so gorgeous? share your secrets, please?

    and yes...wes...he is scum. i kind of think jilly is lame for not noticing sooner. i'm pretty sure the signs were there a LONG time ago. she is that typical girl who chooses losers & jerks and then wonders why she is still single?! UM..BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE LOSERS & JERKS!


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