posted on: 6.04.2009

I am so thrilled, excited, elated, happy, proud, giddy! Look at all these wonderful books and toys that were donated for my little book drive for Dominica!
Over 400 books!
Over 30 fabulous toys!
Over $600 donated!!
This is ALL because of you! Every single person who donated toys, books, & money... none of this would have been here if it wasn't for your contribution! As people were dropping things off they kept telling me "this is so nice of you to do this". I felt so silly because all I did was send out an email (and donated some books of course)... and you have done all the rest! Everyone has good ideas, and can organize something. But it takes the support and generosity of a community to make it happen. I've been so impressed by my friend's, family's, and neighbor's willingness to give. Not one person asked me pick up their donation, everyone was willing to drop it off- no matter how far they lived.
Just to remind you the school currently has 100 books and a couple toys, so we have quadrupled what they have!! I can't wait to go down there and see that library full of books, and the kids playing with neat and new toys! That will be so fulfilling... that's what is so fun about this. It's completely satisfying.

So Thank You....
Kim Johnson
Chelsea Bagozzi
Megan Moffat
Wright Family
Hathaway Family
Kristin and Jeremy Andrus
Stephanie Brubaker & sister in law
Mom and Dad
Heather Perera & playgroup!
Meeker Family
Heidi Blackham
Amy Moon
Katie Neilson
Brooke Frandsen
Pat & Rolfe
Deede, Max & Eli
Cara Buehner & friends
Colleen Clark
Dori Horsley
Tracy Petersen
Natalie Bay
Annie Karren
Josh and Danielle Green
Sara Richards
Laura Thomas
Amber & Ryan Frandsen
* I feel like I just won an Oscar and I'm giving my thankful speech. I just know I left someone off & if I did I'm so sorry!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you got so much stuff. You're the bomb Chels! Thanks for organizing us all.

  2. WOW! That's so awesome. I love that picture and so admire you for your efforts to "do something". I'm so excited for those kids!


  3. Yay for the kids, and yay for you for thinking of it and actually doing it! Now to get all of it to Dominica!! Good job!!!

  4. Hooray! I'm so happy that it was such a success! You absolutely fit into the "ordinary people doing extraordinary things" category! I'm so impressed and so glad I could be a little part of it!
    Thanks Chels!

  5. Chels - That is so awesome! "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass!" Well done!

  6. I think that's fantastic too! Way to go, all of you. I need to find out if they will let us check out those new books, even if my kids don't go to the day school.

  7. I have been out of town and totally forgot to do the giveaway! I will do it today!


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