Our {busy} Week in Review...

posted on: 6.28.2009

This Week...
Girls Camp- check
gno- check
3 doctors appointments- check
garage sale- check
secure housing in Dominica- check
Needless to say, it was a busy week for us! Good things were accomplished (except my 2 hour doctor appt), and we're getting closer to our big move!
Girls Camp was a success- thanks to all the hard work from Krisitin & Ali! It was literally my first time at girls camp (can you believe it!) and I had a great time. I was only able to go up for 1 day, but picked the best day I think which included the hike, and skits later that night.... so funny! It was just great to be able to see and hang out with these girls all together before I leave. It was a good way to leave, and I will really miss these girls!
This must be discussed. This is my neighbor, Brian, who I now know A LOT better! He was the comic relief at girls camp and was so helpful!!
Dinner at Porcupine
Jen, me, Laura, Annie, Melissa, & Jenny (with Sam)
I have to post this picture because this was one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time! Let me tell you a bit about how we all know eachother & how this group formed...
Melissa, Jenny & Laura are old friends of Wyatt's from Olympus, Annie is my good friend from my neighborhood, who also was friends with Melissa from college. Jen and I met entirely through blogging (and there was instant love) and turns out she was already friends with these girls too- so naturally we all came together and it feels like I've known these girls all my life. It's so refreshing to meet a group of girls who so openly accept you, and who you feel instantly comfortable with!
As often as possible we try to have playgroups and girls nights. They are always so much fun & I come home telling Wyatt stories all night. We were at dinner for 4 hours, and laughed the entire time. I'm so grateful for new friends who I know will be lifelong friends! It's a little bittersweet for me to have these great girls nights because on one hand I love them, and on the other hand they just make me more sad because I know I'll be moving and missing out on them. I know I won't be gone long, and I know they'll still be here when I get back, but I'm just sad. I will really miss these girls, and nights like this!
On a lighter note.... We found our house in Dominica!!
Here it is...
it's a 10 minute up-hill walk from the school... but this view is from our balcony off our bedroom!
Our new house!
(don't ask why there is a giant garbage can on the roof??)
family room/kitchen
another great view from the balcony
I'm so relieved to know where we'll live, although we haven't actually seen it in person, so I still have a little bit of anxiety about it. From all the places we looked, this was the best fit for what we wanted.
With our new house secured, and purging all of our belongings at our garage sale I feel more ready to leave. We'll move out of our current house in 2 weeks, then we'll be staying at my parents until we leave for Dominica on August 20th. It's coming up quick and I'm getting more and more excited, but also really sad. I have such a good life here, and I'm nervous to change things up so much. Oh well, gotta do it:)


  1. i am so excited for you! i am glad you found somewhere to live so you will not have to be homeless and living on the beach in Dominica. i am so glad you got to come to girls camp and i really appreciate that lovely picture of all of us. why is it that i always seem to look the most ridiculous?

  2. Looks like a fun busy week. Your house in Dominica looks cute and not that bad. Chels you are going to do great. We will miss you guys so much but promise you will be back soon! Aug. 20th....that's coming a little too soon. We need to chat and get a few more things in this summer, like Lagoon, before you leave!?!?

  3. Wow what a fun week. Girls camp is the best. I love the new house, it is darling and holy cow you can't beat that view for sure. We tried to make it to the garage sale but I had a family reunion that I totally spaced.

  4. First of all, your new house is BEAUTIFUL! It looks like a great fit for you and I'm thrilled for you to be more settled and know where you'll be living. Second, girl's night really was the best. Love those girls and love that you're always there. The good news is that we'll do just what we do when Melissa is back in town and get together when you're visiting. So, you won't miss out as much as you think. Third, sorry I missed the garage sale. It ended up being a busy morning and I would've been too late. Hope it went great. I bet it feels nice to have purged so much stuff. Last, 2 weeks??? Sad. Let's hang out lots before you go.


  5. Yay...you found your place! Looks great! I'm excited for you to move..I think you'll really love it. I'm not gonna lie..the first month you'll probably cry A LOT and sleep A LOT, but it ends up being so great. :) How fun. And the Yoho's used to be in our ward. We didn't know them that well, but they are sure a great couple. Also, I do know Kim Hardy. She went to Brighton, but we have hung out with her and her husband Court a few times since living here. Small, small world! Anyway, good luck with EVERYTHING! They are going to be so lucky to have you down there in Dominica.

  6. I was at girl's camp on Tues, Thurs and Fri- we completely missed each other. But it was fun wasn't it! And yay that you found housing on Dominica!! It looks so cute!! Bet you thought you'd never live in a mint green house. Isn't it fun where life takes you! And I know it's hard and scary to leave your old life behind and start a brand new one, but you will make life-long friends while Wyatt's at med school and you will be bonded to them in a way that can only happen when you are away from family and all struggling through school together. Your friends will be your family there. You'll do holidays and Sunday dinners together. And at the end of 18 months you'll be DYING that you have to leave them. Promise. Good times ahead! Plus, we're for sure coming to visit sometime, so there's the anticipation of one GREAT week already! :) Love you. I'm glad it's all coming together!

  7. the giant garbage can is my favorite part. your new house is darling. i am so excited for you but sad you are leaving. what is london going to do with our her tate? maybe we could do webcam playdates??? i heard your garage sell went well. yeah! can we please get together soon? it is weird not seeing you guys weekly at music makers!

  8. Congrats on the house!

    A little embarassed for Bug after camp...oh well. That's the way it is.

    And let's not talk about the time ticking away. Abby tried to get Tate to come out and play last night at 9:00. What will we all do without you?

  9. Oh Chels... I could cry right now! Wow, I'm going to miss you! I know it'll go by fast and it isn't too long and we'll do girls nights with you whenever you are back so it'll feel like you NEVER even left! I freaking love your house too! Now that I know I'll have a solid roof (ha ha) over my head... you are definitely getting a visit from me! It is absolutely darling, even w/ the garbage up top! ;) I'm also glad Girls camp went well... you are such a great example and will be even more so to the people of Dominica... I'm jealous they get you! I love you and pool day wasn't the same w/o you (and Annie) today! Hope your lessons went well though! xoxo

  10. So excited for you and so sad for all of us...deep breaths life is full of change. Let us know if there is anything that can be done to help! Harrison is going to miss his first love!

  11. first, why are you so tan? second,I am excited about your house- it looks amazing! congrats to you-- I know the feeling of the excited/sad thing- it is sad to leave a happy life- but it will be happy here- I promise :)

  12. Your house in Dominica looks great! I think you will end up loving your time there! We will miss you guys living next door, but you better believe we'll stay in touch! Thanks for letting the girls do the lemonade stand - they ended up loving it!

  13. Um ya...when you said that nothing is a "grand slam" I was thinking you were going to live in a dive! This looks awesome! :) You are going to have the best time. 3rd world countries are wonderful to live in because you learn so much from where the people get their happiness. It was so fun to see you the other night. It's okay you didn't cry in the movie- I cried enough for the both of us. :) he he.

  14. Tate will love canips= they taste like a deliciously sweet grape and they are very fun to eat! see you soon. :)

  15. Wow your new place looks sweet!! You are going to have so much fun!!

  16. Hi, you don't know me but I love your blog. Your energetic attitude is so refreshing. I'm friends with all of the Olympus girls. My hubby has been in medical school for three years now and we have two little ones. I know how nervous you probably are right now. I didn't have to leave the country so I'm sure your anxiety is a lot different than mine was. Let me tell you I have loved living away from home with my family for med school. I feel like med school was as much for me as it was for my hubby. You will look back on these med school days in the future and miss them terribly. My advice is to live in the moment. Try not to always be counting down to when you see family next or when school is over. It goes by fast in the end. Good luck!!!!

  17. your house looks great. i am sure once you chelsafy it, it will be as adorable as your house now!!! you have fabulous style and can transform anything. you are going to have the time of your life.
    loved girls night, love all ya'll. i love coming into town and getting together. the only bummer is that we probably won't be coming into town at the same time. we will have to coordinate our vacations. lastly, thanks for having a garage. cecily has already worn some of tates darling clothes and i have to say the salt water are my fave.let me know when the next one is!!! xoxo

  18. Hi can you send me your e-mail address again, I deleted your message on accident. I asked my husband the questions you had on sending the barrels. I shopped for the stuff and he packed it and shipped it :)

  19. Hey Chelsea,
    Lincoln and I just got back from a week in St. Thomas and I thought of you when we were there. We met people who now live on St. Thomas that are from Dominica and I thought we saw Dominica off in the distance (but now I am second guessing that). Just think of it as a 2 year vacation. It will be gone before you know it. We have such fond memories of our life during law school and living in a new place. Yours will be more adventurous than ours for sure! Best of luck.


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