Newport Coast!

posted on: 6.22.2009

(I love how intense tate is about finishing this drink!)
We had such a GREAT time in Newport with the Horsley's! It was a much anticipated trip for us, and it did not disappoint. We stayed in the Marriott Newport Coast Villa's- a fabulous place for kids! Our days were spent beaching, eating out, and daily trips to the pool!
Tate had her second experience at the beach, and was just feeling "ok" about the whole thing. She's a clean kid- so the sand sticking to her toes was really bothering her:) Her face in this picture basically sums up how she felt! Tess on the other hand, was a beach animal! Cute Erin and Nora getting in some girl time As long as "gwama pat" was there, she was ok! (i hope i look that good when i'm pat's age!) enjoying a lunch!
always on her towel- wouldn't want to sit in the sand:)
The youngest of the crew- Harrison- just 5 weeks old! What a great baby, I swear I didn't hear a peep from him the entire time.
One of the days the Kesler's and us took the kids to Disneyland. Since Cole is an expert at all things Disney, he led the way! Tate loved it! She's not into any of the characters yet, but was very into the rides. We went on the carousel (of course), Peter Pan, Nemo, Teacups, It's a small world, and Pirates. Surprisingly, Pirates was her favorite- she kept asking to go on the scary ride again, and hasn't stopped talking about the "biiiggg hill" she went down!
Mid day all the kids were asleep... what to do? Luckily Dori was needing a break, so she watched the sleeping babes and we got to go on Space Mountain, and Indiana Jones. Even though we didn't have the energy to stay for the parade, we did top the night off with a churro- I was complete.
Brian, Cole, me and Tate
waiting & waiting for Peter Pan
Even little Harrison came, and of course didn't make a peep!
a little timid about new things- Tate's fingers were in her mouth the entire day:)
Her 1st ride- It's a Small World... she's not too sure about these singing dolls.
The classic cheesy picture that you have to do, right?
This was after the pool one day... just though they were cute. I love nothing more than a clean baby all wrapped up in their towel!
Girls Night at the Ivy
It's becoming a usual now for the boys to take a golf day, and the girls to have a night out. It's always one of the best nights of the trip.... all girls, no kids!
This time we drove up to LA and went to The Ivy. It was fab, the restaurant is so charming, and they had the best pecan dessert I've ever had!
Eve and Matt enjoying some sun- finally at 2pm
Tate loved the pool... well really, she loved the stairs in the pool. She wouldn't really venture much further- the stairs were fun enough for her.
This trip was SUCH blast, I almost cried when we had to leave! Tate was wonderful too, she is such a good sport about traveling and just made the trip more fun for us! Also just knowing that it will be our last trip with the family for a couple years, made me really sad. It's going to be hard to miss out on those things- we have so much fun with our families.
Wyatt made a little 'Newport in Numbers' list to send his family & I thought it was pretty funny...
4.5 - number of consecutive hours spent playing tennis by the Matts and Nate on Wednesday night (I have since confirmed that this is a new Newport Coast Villas record)
28 - Number of shirts packed by Chelsea for the trip, no I'm not joking. Apparently she never knows how she is going to feel and likes to "have options"
5,278 - number of times Tate has recounted the story of the "big downhill" at Disneyland (aka the Pirates of the Caribbean ride)
23 - number of times we listened to the "me song" from Tate's sing-along CD on the 10 hour drive home
16 - number of times I shanked my drive off the tee while golfing (mind you this is out of 18 holes)
70 - sun block grade handed out by Dad. I decided it would be easier and just as effective to wear a turtleneck down to the pool.
15 - number of minutes spent by Tyler enthusiastically describing his experience on the X2 ride at six flags. The description came complete with a reenactment and drawing session in which he diagrammed the coaster track with each twist and turn.
40 - number of minutes Crane spent playing the copycat game with Tate at Pomodoro in Laguna
4 - number of sushi restaurants Chelsea and I drove by before settling on Maki Maki sushi in the Irvine Spectrum. Never go there.
12 - number of movies that Eve brought on the trip. Apparently she was planning on being really really really bored.
38 - number of ounces in the steak that Crane purchased at the Pavillions on girls night. Yes, he ate the whole thing.
thank you so much horsley's - we love you all!


  1. Sounds like you're previewing what life will be like down here - although we don't have any rides, unless you count the transport ride down to Roseau :-) I'm glad you had a nice trip. I love getting together with family!

  2. ahh good old newport. best place in the world, yes? i love to discuss how wonderful it is with annual go'ers like ourselves. i feel like we are part of some exclusive club or something. whenever people tell me they've never been i can't even believe it! never been to the greatest place on earth?!?! whaaa???

    call us if you ever move there. we'll come. and you are gorgeous & your pictures are, too. lucky girl.

  3. Sometimes I wish I was a Horsley, too. All the cute girls, the best sister-in-law ever (that's you, you know), the most stunning mother of all time and sweet Wyatt as the brother, not to mention all the great outings and fashion and meals. What a lovely family and I don't even know any of them - minus the blog which makes me think I know them. (Sorry Horsleys if this comment makes me a total crazy.)

    The trip looks like so much fun. Love that Tate so much and you are stunning.

    Please invite me next year. Thank you.


    p.s. please don't move. Just has to be said. Again.

  4. This was simply the best week I've had in a long time! We are a quirky bunch as you can see by Wyatt's list. (I love that by the way) I can't wait until everyone is back together again, not living in mysterious places, and we can do this again!!

  5. what a trip. i want to go back now. who knew that was going to be that much fun! i miss your daughter and SO enjoyed sharing a condo with you guys. how did we get so lucky? wy's list is probably the funniest thing i've read in weeks. he's a hoot. and your daughter is a ham for the camera. love it!

  6. um looks so so so fun. My fav pics are the ones of you and miss tate in the towels. You look so cute and perfect just freshly bathed!

    So druby and i were talking about going to the pool fri after dru works. are you in?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. That looks so fabulous and so does your natural air dried hair! Still hate you for that! ;) I la la love your towel pics... I just may have to copy you for Proj 52! Your family is just so darling!! Again... last night...BLAST... have a good night x5... don't leave SLC...DF's... ok I'll visit... initiate ;)... love YOU!

  9. How fun!!!! So the pic of you and Tate fresh out of the shower is the best. I think that is my favorite time of day when Londyn is freshly clean and snuggled up in her towel. I also love the 28 shirts packed(hope I got the # right) that is a must!!!! You have to have options! I hate when I am on a trip and wish I had brought something else to wear. Cute family as always and please do you guys really have to go!?!?!?


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