My Dad

posted on: 6.21.2009

My dad is... I can't think of one word to sum him up. My dad is caring, generous, and sensitive. My dad is funny (mostly when he's not trying to be:) He's one of those guys that everyone knows and likes! He sends funny emails and loves telling jokes! He makes friends everywhere he goes- the neighborhood kids come over to our house just to chat with him. He is giving and very service oriented. He is hard working and handy just like a dad should be. He has many nicknames- skippy, tony, ton-loc, doddy, to name a few. He is adventurous- there isn't a hobby my dad hasn't mastered... golf, sailing, cycling, fly fishing, horse back riding, bee keeping, baking bread, making soap, bird watching, cross country skiing, hiking, ice fishing... and he isn't done yet I'm sure. My dad is smart- he never seems to make a bad choice (except for maybe a few un-neccessary groundings in highschool:) He's the one that taught me all my "life lessons", and he isn't done with that either I'm sure:)
My dad is great, I love him!
Happy Fathers Day Dad!


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