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posted on: 6.02.2009

So, did anyone catch the Oprah that was on a couple weeks ago about ordinary people doing things to help other people? Like the couple that gives rooms in their hotel to the homeless for free? Or the couple who are doctors and give medical care for free at their clinic?
Well, I did. I watched it, and was very inspired (I know sounds so cheesy, but I was). I have energy to give, I have resources, why am I not doing more for others? It made me feel stupid, like "how have I not been doing more"? I know there is a lot of need for help in Dominica. It's a 3rd world country, and people down there just don't have the same resources and luxuries that we do. I thought since we're moving there- that's a great place to help!
Naturally, I immediately thought of the kids prep school down there. I read somewhere that they hardly have any reading books for the kids library. About 100 books TOTAL for all kids ages preschool- grade 8! The "library", if you can even call it that, is one shelf of books. The kids just read the same books over and over again. The prep school is on the Ross University campus and is for locals and Ross students children. They don't have a Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, or anything fancy like that to get fun stuff. They can order things from the US, but shipping is outrageously expensive, and not feasible for them.
So, I got in touch with the principal and she confirmed that this was indeed a great need of theirs! Books for daycare, preschool- grade 8, along with toys for the daycare, are what they need the most. I told her, since we have so many resources here, I would get as many books and toys as I could and send them to her in time for the new school year! She was thrilled, and very grateful! I was giddy after I hung up with her!! It felt so good to have an idea about helping someone, and actually take action and do it! It's been very motivating for me, and has made this project fun and not burdensome at all.
I need your help though! For the daycare they need board books, and Fisher Price like toys. ANY new or gently used toy or board book you could give would be amazing! I know they don't have a lot, so even anything would help!
For the prep school, they need books for ages Preschool- grade 8. Again, ANY new or gently used book would be so great!
I know some of you might not have books or toys to donate. If you don't, monetary donations would also be GREATLY APPRECIATED. I will need to send all the books and toys down there in barrels, which cost about $150 a piece. I've already got 1 barrel full of books to send!
If you'd like to help by either donating books, toys, or money please email me at I will give you my address (if you don't have it already) and you can drop them off, or I will come pick them up from you! The last day I will be collecting donations is Wednesday June 10th. It takes over a month to ship them, and I'd love for the kids to have them in time for school this fall!
Please make any checks out to me and mail them (email me for address) by Monday June 8th, or drop them off to me by Wednesday June 10th.
*** If you are donating toys, please nothing too large that wouldn't fit in a barrel.
Toy suggestions....
Fisher Price farm w/animals
Fisher Price classic phone
Anything that lights up/plays music
Fisher Price xylophone
Baby block puzzles (like Melissa & Doug ect.)
Anything Fisher Price that babies like:)
Tinker Toys, Blocks (soft or wooden)
plastic link beads
Thank you SO SO much for any help you can give... and really, anything is better than nothing. I can't wait to see how excited the kids will be!! I know the school, and all the kids will be so grateful for our help!
Suburban Heresy has decided to help out in a big way too- anyone who donates to this fund in any way will be given a password from me, that password will be used to enter yourself in a great giveaway!! Click here for all the details...


  1. i love oprah but i love you more. way to go chels for being such a good person!

  2. I'm spreading the word. I am going to try to get my neighbors to donate some stuff and I will bring it by next week.

  3. p.s. Anyone who donates gets their name put into a Suburban Heresy giveaway!!!

  4. I am so impressed by you Chelsea. Most people think to do these types of things but never follow through, way to go. I will definitely contribute. Would you rather money or toys/book?

  5. Count us in for barrel sending funds!! And can I say that we are both so proud of you Chels! You are going to be just fine in Dominica because you're going into it with your engaged and engaging own self! Who can resist?

  6. I rarely watch Oprah but I totally saw that episode and felt equally inspired. Count me in. I'll bring some stuff by in the next few days.

    And, just because you're leaving doesn't mean we're not still going to be lifelong friends. I'm already planning a pity party for when you guys take off.

    p.s. sorry Bri's taking forever on the contract stuff. He's going to get it to you tonight.

  7. Great idea, we ended up donating tons of books and toys to the school. We brought 12 barrels and after 2 weeks of living on the Island without them we realized that we did not need everything so we gave to the school. We are so spoiled in the US, Dominica really makes you thankful for the important things in life.

  8. it was me:) i'm happy to do help,and what a good idea! we would LOVE to do something with you...ANYTIME!! seriously, we want to:) both jenny and i live close, so let's do it!

  9. You are amazing! You are not even here yet and you are doing amazing things. Fantastic!

  10. Hi Chelsea, my name is, coincidentally, Chelsie as well. I'm actually living in Dominica right now and have heard mention of your name and through other blogs, randomly found yours. (Please, don't let that freak you out) Anyway, I just wanted to see if I can do anything for you in preparation for coming down to the island. Let me know if there is anything at all, honestly. I can't believe you are getting all of that stuff together for the school and day care, they will greatly appreciate it, I'm sure. What a big, but completely awesome project!


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