posted on: 5.29.2009

Prepare yourself for what you're about to read...
This stunning, inspiring country cottage, tucked away in the rainforest of Dominica is IN our budget (which isn't a lot).... and we had to turn it down (for now).
It's hard to even type that and not lose my breath a little.
When I stumbled upon this glorious vacation rental home I thought "what a great place to stay- I'll tell my parents about it". Then as I read the details of rent prices it said- generous discounts will be given for longer stays. Hmm, I thought? I wonder how generous the discount would be, and I wonder if they would rent it out for a year and a half?!
Being the 'rose colored glasses' person that I am, I decided I'd email the owner and inquire. I laughed when I hit "send", and thought the owner would do the same about my inquiry. To my surprise he replied quickly and with a huge (I'm talking a couple thousand dollars) discount for our willingness to rent the house out for our whole stay in Dominica.
Of course I was shocked and could not contain myself- ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!
I immediately broke into song and ran around my house with excitement... then I started picturing how wonderful my days would be spent. Waking up early to the sounds of the rainforest sounded perfect!
Then I called a few family members and talked with Wyatt and reality set in:( I hate being in reality. The house is very secluded- literally in the middle of the rainforest. With that comes a drive- it's a 30 minute drive into school. Here, a 30 minute drive is from Draper to Slc- no big deal. But, down there it's different. All the students live around campus, so we'd immediately be excluding ourselves from all social aspects of this experience. Anytime we needed anything... groceries, playdates, the pool, wyatt's school, restaurants...ect is a 30 minute drive. Most students come home for lunch and moms get together all the time for swimming and hiking, so I really would be out of loop as far as that goes. Bummer right?
Plus, the 30 minute drive means we'd need 2 cars- which would put us over budget. Real bummer.
Here's a peek of paradise....
the balcony I could have been waking up to every morning the family room we could have been relaxing in every evening the patio I could have been eating fresh crab and mango's on one of the 3 beautiful bedrooms to chose from. Yes, it has 3 bedrooms which means visitors can stay with us!!! Other things that make this place ultimately hooked up...
-22 acres of private grounds to roam
- on site maid (who cleans every day, does the laundry, and food prep)
- on site grounds keeper who lights the fire every evening for you & maintains the gardens
- 2 waterfalls w/private bathing pools on property
Before you think we're totally crazy for turning this down... we are open to consider living there for 2nd or 3rd semester. We want to live somewhere closer to the school at first to get our footing and a feel for what our life will be like down there, and to meet people. But, if we decide the drive really won't be that big of a deal then we will most definitely be living there for at least a semester... then you can come and visit and experience it too!!
but, i'm still a little sick about letting it go for now... ahh, what could have been


  1. devastated. for you of course. and for me who would have been able to reap the benefits of you living in that place! you two are really growing up.....because that decision was way too mature. :)

  2. Reality does suck sometimes:) Don't worry, we're scheduling two weeks in that beauty, and you can live with us!! And I second Dru, you two are really growing does a mom proud!! Love you!

  3. oh my gosh, i am crying for you! on site MAID!? WHO COOKS AND CLEANS EVERY DAY!?!?

    are you SURE it's not worth it?!!

  4. UMMM are you kidding me, I am sold and that place has your name written all over it!! I want to move there!

  5. thats to sad:( i am sorry.


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