My Mother

posted on: 5.10.2009

My Mother is
smart, cute, funny (usually without trying), and the most patient person I know. My mother is caring, sensitive, thoughtful, super creative, and completely selfless. My mother is sweet, a good listener, and a good friend. My mother is the person everyone calls for advice (on everything). My mother loves to create things, loves diet coke, and loves loves chocolate. My mother makes the best lemon squares. My mother can garden with the best of them, is really buff, can paint, sew, make any craft she sees, write, has run a marathon, is a teacher, an interior decorator, reads like a mad woman, and is the perfect wife. My mother is someone who makes life fun, and who people want to be around. My mother is cool- she watches all the funny reality shows, knows all about the latest fashion, and even listens to rap from time to time. My mother isn't afraid to be herself, and I love that about her. I love everything about my mom & I hope I'm just like her when I grow up.


  1. A very happy Mother's Day to Debi and also to you Chels!


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