My Day in Numbers...

posted on: 5.07.2009

(totally stole this idea off my friend Holli's blog)
0. number of times i showered
  1. new friend made
  2. french kisses from wyatt
  3. diet cokes drank
  4. hairclips made
  5. times I sang "popcorn popping" in the car for tate (in a row, i might add)
  6. handfuls of chocolate covered popcorn i ate (not while singing the popcorn song to tate, those 2 were totally un-related)
  7. times down the slide with tate & owies kissed better
  8. thoughts about what a gorgeous day it was, and how i wish it were always 72 and sunny
  9. phone chats between my 2 sisters
  10. shows left on my dvr to catch up on...


  1. 2 french kisses!? nice!

    i did this a while ago, too. it's fun to think of your day that way!


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