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posted on: 5.21.2009

There really was more good that came from last week than bad.... here's proof!
Tate and Lucca became INSTANT friends. She was really sweet with him, and was his little mother... giving him kisses, and telling him when he could and couldn't have his binkie:)
She's got a thing for boys, she's always been drawn to little boys over girls. It's hard not to be when Lucca looks the way he does! The kid is gorgeous.
look at those eyes !
(i promise he's not scared of me, despite what it may look like in this picture:) kisses, kisses... that's all she wanted to do. what girl doesn't?!
ahhh, the absolute cutest boy I've ever seen! His smile, and those cheeks that go straight out are to die for!
a sneak peak at the family photos... this may be the best we got with all the crazy kids!
* and THANKS to my sweet friends and family who brought me little treats to cheer me up this past week... I'm a little chubbier, but they've all helped!


  1. he is beautiful! i can't wait to see your family photos. i'm sure they'll have plenty of memories attached to them. so i got a call about my stolen purse just this week. the police found the guy that stole it and he still had my credit cards and drivers license. creepy! but that was over a year ago. so there's still hope for you!

  2. Sorry to hear about "The bad" from the last post. So frustrating!
    These are cute pictures. Tate is always looking so cute and stylish.

  3. OH my gosh I am so sorry, that is the worst. But let's be honest those pics are darling, and there's got to be a way to get out bird pooh (ha ha ha!) Anyways Hope you have a better week this week.

  4. You seriously are one of the prettiest women I know.


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