Memorial Day Hike

posted on: 5.26.2009

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! Since last year we spent the holiday at the hospital, we didn't have to do much to make it a better memory! We started the morning off with a little breakfast on the patio of our favorite local spot- Eggs in the City. Wyatt loves their omelets, and I vote they have the best French Toast in the city (and I've tried a lot:) It was a beautiful warm morning, and so nice to have Wyatt home from work!
After breakfast we took a little hike to burn off all those calories (or at least some of them). This was Tate's first little hike and she loved it. We were relieved because it will indefinitely be a huge part of her life in Dominica. With no car, we'll be hiking everywhere! She thought all the rocks, dogs, and trees were pretty cool. I love how kids can be so content doing the most simple things. When she got bored she found a couple rocks to hold. The she picked up 2 sticks and hit them together to a song she made up along the way! At the bottom we cooled off in the stream that Tate called the pool Of course... more rocks!
silly girl!
She looooooves her dad! Sometimes a little too much:)
It was a great day, and being out in nature made me excited for Dominica. It just felt good to be outside!
hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend!


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