Memorial Day BBQ

posted on: 5.26.2009

Nothing like a good old BBQ to get you summer lovin! My cute grams hosted a backyard party to celebrate the holiday, and it was a blast! I'm so glad the weather report was wrong and we didn't get rained on. It was beautiful and fun to spend the night outdoors. My grams- she is the sweetest woman I know. Growing up, we always had a big sunday dinner at her house. I looooved playing at her house, and have so many fond memories there. Since she's gotten older, it's been harder for her to host dinners. I know she misses having us over, and we surely miss it too! Tonight was especially fun because I got to see Tate play and discover all the fun things that I did when I would play over there. Thanks Grams!!
Debi's famous Lemon squares and oreos
my bro and dad... aka Dirt and Ton Loc
the night was complete with a scooter ride up to Neffs Canyon
(and yes, we know this is a total blackmail shot for us both!... wyatt looks a little fruity, and I might be a bit too expressive!!) Zoom in and you'll see just how excited I was to be going on the scooter!
it's creamie season folks
my cute cousins... Eli, Annie, and Max
Eli is freakily flexible...
and really really tall!
Can you tell where my mom got her good looks from?! Love these women!
Ton Loc looking very serious... he's actually reading the Flight of the Concords dressing room requirements. My aunt somehow got a copy of it from when they came into town this past weekend. If you're wondering (which we all were) they aren't high maintenance. Very specific about having all organic things, but not too over the top.
My "man cousin" Max... who is shaving already!!!
For the little ones the highlight of the night was running through the sprinklers!
Tate wasn't so sure about it?
Annie & Gracie
dancin Tate
These two are the best of friends... and can never get enough of eachother!


  1. Looks like lots of fun, your little one is so cute. K, so I am so jealous that they don't sell creamies in AZ! You read that right, no CREAMIES!! Banana is my favorite and I was tempted to lick the screen. Just kidding LOL!!! Looks like you are getting ready for a new move, HOW EXCITING!! What a fun adventure. My Dad went to Medical School abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico and My mom says those were the best days of her life. So simple yet so so much fun. Good Luck and Congrats to Wyatt for such an amazing accomplishment. Lexi Ray

  2. looks super fun...your tate is getting so big

  3. These are such great pictures. What a fun BBQ. My mom totally does the homemade oreos, too. And, I love the scooter picture. Fantastic.

  4. chelsea you are way too beautiful. seriously!

  5. So fun! Family Dinners are the best!

  6. You and your fam are so cute!!! Glad you guys had a beautiful day!

  7. I'm so glad that you save these memories for us! It's great to have a blogger in the family! And, WOW, Eli is freakily limber!

  8. You should frame that picture of you and Wyatt on the scooter - It looks like it should be in a scooter magazine or something - hilarious!

  9. Looks like fun!! And Tate's swimsuit is maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  10. What a cute family! Can I ask you where you got your cute shoes? I love them!

  11. Kate, I got them at DSW... just a couple weeks ago!

  12. Sounds like a great weekend, and I am now just realizing how much I miss your homemade oreos. Also, Tate is so stinking cute! I know I say it all the time, but I only speak the truth-and I love love love the yellow salt water sandals. When do you leave for Dominica?

  13. Hello, my name is Paige and I hope you don't mind me looking at your blog but Jacquelle told me about you and we just moved to Dominica about a month ago. So, BELIEVE me, I know exactly what you are going through about the stress and everything. If you want me to answer any questions feel free to ask. My email is and our blog is! We will be so thrilled to meet you and your cute fam!

  14. What a great Holiday!! And hello OREO's and Creamies.. you know the way to my heart!

  15. Oh my gosh I remember going to your grandma's house and looking at all her jewelery. Looks like you guys had a great BBQ, love Tate's little swiming suit, it was so cute.

  16. You always look so cute! Where did you get your shirt?

  17. Oh I'm so sad I missed it. I got invited to the No Doubt concert last minute. The kids are SOOOO cute! And thanks for your comment about my Africa trip. We need to get together before I leave because you'll be gone already when I get back. Let me know when you can go to lunch or something. Love ya


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