posted on: 5.12.2009

The moving plans begin!
We finally decided on renting our house (if anyone knows of anyone who would love our home please call or send them our way), and so the plans to find our new home in Dominica begin! I've been looking for a few weeks now, trying to get an idea for the decent areas and what we can get for our needs.
The lovely orange complex above is a real possibility, and believe it or not, is one of the best I've found. It's considered pretty nice because it has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath... and AC!!
It's weird, ALL the buildings there are bright colors. Everything is either teal, orange, pink or bright yellow stucko!
Our new family room? hmmm... at least we'll be able to have some awesome movie nights on that huge tv! Nate, I bet you're dying to come visit:) I'll live there just for that beauty of a couch. I've always loved mauve and teal floral prints:) My new kitchen? Look at that tiny tiny stove. Oh shoot- looks like I'll only be able to make meals that require 1 pot or less. Darn, I was really looking forward to cooking over there:)
Our new beach!! This is what makes me smile, and excited to move there. It's called Secret Beach. Isn't it amazing? I'm sure me and Tate will be spending the majority of our days here ( and not in that tiny kitchen).
I know you're all dying to come and visit- especially to camp out on those sweet couches!!


  1. Okay...I'll stop complaining about our home search now! :) jk. I was upset about having to use a community laundry room. But really, it stinks leaving what you know and all the luxuries you're used to. You'll do so great absolutely slows down when you move away, and its the best! I loved having plans every day all day, but really....sitting on the beach with finnley is what I love doing the very most right now. Good Luck with EVERYTHING!

  2. sign me up! I call the couch! Dru can have the chair.

  3. Who needs personal style and decor when you've got that beauty of a home to live in?

    I really do love that bright orange exterior though. It only seems fitting for a home in the islands. Now, if they could just find something for that lovely couch . . .

    Can't wait to peek into this adventure via blogging . . . will you have the Internet????


  4. Sa-weet! Next year we're watching 24 on that awesome TV!

    But really, I love the orange. And the beach looks heavenly. You can do this!

  5. That orange building is closer to Church than to campus but right by another member family. Good luck.


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