Highs and Lows...

posted on: 5.18.2009

What a week! It was so interesting because it was packed with fun events, one of those weeks that you totally look forward to. But, I guess you have to take the good with the bad, and there was definitely lots of bad.
Let me give you an overview of what my dayplanner looked like...
Monday- 24 party at Meekers
Tuesday- dinner at Market Street and Miss Saigon with Horsley's
Wednesday- my sister Heather and her family come into town
Thursday- 5th wedding anniversary:)
Friday- girls night out sleepover in PC
Saturday- family pictures, dinner and game night at my parents
A fun week right?
I'll start with the good first...
Miss Saigon was great! I had never seen it, and it's now one of my favorites. I had been warned that it was dramatic and depressing... which is exactly why I liked it:)
Tate got in lots of play time with her cousin Lucca while he was in town. She adores him! I got to spend a fun lunch at Trio and dinner with my sister who I miss!

Wyatt planned a fabulous night out for our anniversary... we started the night out doing a self guided tour of all the mansions on South Temple! Something we both love is looking at houses, especially old ones with lots of charm and perfect yards. It was really cool, and such a beautiful night to walk the streets downtown. I really think I could live on South Temple. Following our tour, we dined at Em's restaurant. It's by the capitol in the Marmalade District and is a great date place! It's really small, quaint, with little distractions... and a fabulous private patio. I can't wait to go back! It was probably one of my favorite dates I've ever had with Wy- thanks babe!

The Bad...

Our car broke down... again.... on our anniversary! The poor schnoz can't make it 6 months without a problem!

My wallet was stolen on Friday! Well, really I left it in the shopping cart at Harmons, and no one turned it in. Jerk. Maybe not that big of a deal, if it didn't have $350 cash (which I cashed that day), a $200 gift card to Anthropologie (which I also got that day), a $30 gift card to J. Crew, 2 un-cashed checks, my social security card, drivers license, receipts for returns, and all the other things that will be annoying to replace! I don't want to spend too much time remembering all that was in there because it makes me a little sick. I never have that much cash in my wallet, and I had good things I wanted to do with that money! Who ever found my wallet and never turned it in is a mean mean person. really mean.

I didn't realize it was gone until Saturday morning (the day of family pictures). I re-traced all my steps at Harmons, checked with customer service, but no luck. Someone out there is a little richer, and will get lots of cute clothes from Anthro:(... all courtesy of me.

Later that day we took family pictures. It was quite funny trying to get all grandkids to cooperate and smile at the same time (funny as in, ha ha- now shut up and smile). All was going well, considering. That is, until I literally sat down in a big pile of fresh bird s*#@! Yes, during pictures I sat in bird crap... in a silk dress. A silk dress that wasn't mine, that I was borrowing. Borrowing from someone who was planning on returning the dress after my 1 hour of wearing it. I would have just bought the dress and problem solved, but you see, I didn't have any money. Someone stole all my money! Yes, that is how the weekend ended. Bird crap all over my butt, and no money.

I'm really looking forward to this week. It's uneventful (besides all the good tv), and I hope it stays that way- good or bad.


  1. Weekend from hell is an understatement. I cannot believe your lost/stolen wallet. I'm literally sick to my stomach for you. And, what happened to all the good, honest people that I assume I'm shopping with at Harmon's - my neighborhood grocer? Big jerks. And, the bird crap is just the icing on the cake from hell. Bless you.

    Are you sure you're still up for my hair? Let me know.

    Here's wishing you a much better week!

  2. p.s. Lucca might be the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen.

  3. chels, it just pains me to read this. i had no idea the dress wasn't yours! that would sure make that experience 100 times worse! i really hope that the person that took your wallet got hit by a car afterwards. that'll teach em! :) wy may have to give tyler some tips when our anniversary rolls around! what a dream date!!

  4. oh and yes.......can't wait for this week of tv. 24 finale, bachelorette, and so you think you can dance. i think i'm in heaven!

  5. So sorry you lost your wallet! I think that is one of the worst feelings ever! Congratulations on your 5th! Hope this week has lots of good for you!

  6. Oh Chels I think my stomach dropped to the floor as I was reading this. Really I am so sorry for you. I can't believe all that you had in your wallet. If your anything like me it's once a year that I have stuff like that in my wallet and of course that is when it will happen. I'm so sorry. And the dress....oh you poor thing. I thought I had a stressful weekend...I think I just should've made a phone call to you. Dreamy 5th anniversary though! You have an amazing husband and a beautiful daughter and just remember that will always be yours!

  7. oh man... my stomache started to churn after reading that post!!!! what dishonest people are out there... and the dress... oh the dress... i am sooooo sorry... all i can say is you deserve something great to happen... like winning a trip to hawaii... actually you are moving somewhere great... so never mind... how about winning a 1000.00 i will root for that one... take care.... and i agree with dru... i think that this week of tv will hopefully lift the some spirits....

  8. Oh man, what a doosy! I'm so sorry, pretty much sucks is all I can say about the bad part of the week.

    The good part really was good though...on the bright side. :)

  9. Oh Chels...so crappy about your wallet and it was even more crappy (pun so intended) when you sat in bird crap. No worries though, dress is clean and going back tomorrow. We were just sad the weekend ended on such a bummer note. We had such a good time with you and tell Tate Lucca misses her!! Love you Chels! Remember, karma is a bitch!!!

  10. Ouch that is a bad weekend!! Sorry about that! Happy Anniversary though! I can't beleive its been 5 years! Your Tate is a piece of perfection!! So cute!

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