posted on: 5.30.2009

Our house is for RENT...
if anyone is interested of knows of anyone who might be interested please have them email me at The details can be viewed here.
Front Doors Family room original wood burning fire place Dining Room/Entry Kitchen
Master bedroom
This home is so charming, and has brought us many happy memories! We just want someone who will love it, and appreciate it like we do!


  1. Chels your house is so darling! I don't think you will have any problems renting it out. As for the vacation house in Dominica....GORGEOUS!!! That's a bummer it's a 30 min. drive but that would be a pain in the butt! I think you guys are smart for living closer when you first get there. Besides you need to experience what dominica is really like, right?!?!?!?!?

  2. Can i just say that your house is darling... you are very classy person i must say... you should consider design... and have people pay you the big bucks to come fill their home with charm... holy cow... anyhow... hey i never heard back from you about the flowers... you still in???? or are you crazy busy... let me know... take care.

  3. okay, know i want/need to re-decorate my entire house. seriously. will you come do it??! your taste is impeccable.

  4. can i just have it to live in while you're gone? i love the new layout of the living room. maybe it's been that way for awhile now but i haven't seen it! it looks awesome.

  5. This house is SO SO beautiful! I love those dark floors and really everything about it. I wish the hubby and I could move our lives (work and school) to make renting your place a possibility.

    PS love your blog!

  6. Your house is amazing! I hope you find good rentors. We still have two houses in AK rented and so I know what that's like.


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